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  • Mecalux builds one of the largest automated clad-rack warehouses in Europe

    Hayat Kimya is a leading manufacturer in the Eurasian fast-moving consumer goods market, specifically in the sector for hygiene and cleaning products. Founded in 1937, with its headquarters in Turkey, the company currently has 5,200 employees and exports to 101 countries. With growth forecast for the coming years, the decision was made to invest in the construction of one of the largest clad-rack warehouses in Europe, with a capacity of 161,000 pallets.

  • Mecalux completes the process of automating the Porcelanosa Group’s warehouses in Castellón, Spain

    With the opening of the new logistics centre for Venis, the wall and floor tiling company, the Porcelanosa Group has finalised the ambitious plan that was launched in 2003 for the expansion and modernisation of its storage centres. Over the years, this important Spanish corporate group has entrusted Mecalux with the automation of its five logistics centres found at their headquarters in Villareal, in the province of Castellón in Spain. This process is a factor of vital importance in sustaining the growth of the group’s companies around the world.

  • How to store 11,000 pallets of unusual dimensions in 4,400 m² thanks to the mobile racking from Mecalux

    For more than 40 years Nufri has worked in the horticulture industry, offering quality products and a wide range of services. Each year it handles more than 400,000 tonnes of fresh and processed raw material, which it sells in more than 40 countries. Since the produce is fresh, Nufri needs cutting edge technology in its installations to guarantee the traceability, preservation and quality of their fresh and processed fruit.

  • Double the storage capacity and reduce costs using mobile racking

    Since its creation in Germany in 1981 as a small family business, Havi Logistics has expanded its market to become one of the leading suppliers of integrated logistics services, with 48 distribution centres in Europe and more than 5,000 employees. Its customer range from restaurant chains like McDonald's to BP service station stores. The company is growing so fast it has had to expand its facility at Lodi, Italy, and it has entrusted this project to Mecalux.

  • Mecalux has completed the storage project for a new 20,000 m² logistics centre in Portugal

    Luis Simões is a comprehensive logistics company and market leader in traffic between Spain and Portugal. With the aim of boosting its internationalisation drive, the firm has recently opened a new logistics centre in Portugal. To achieve maximum storage capacity and increased operational speed, Mecalux has equipped the new installation with the compact Pallet Shuttle system and conventional pallet racking.

  • Mecalux installs a special mobile cantilever rack solution for metallic profiles in Tiverton (UK)

    Hepco Motion, a world leader in the field of linear motion systems, has expanded its storage facility in Tiverton (Devon), with the aim of taking on their production growth and cutting down order fulfillment and delivery times. To optimize their warehouse capacity they put their trust in Mecalux, who installed cantilever racks on Movirack mobile bases for them.

  • How to combine automated and manual storage systems to get the maximum performance from a cold-storage

    Hemosa, a company specialized in the supply of fresh meats and pork-based products, has entrusted Mecalux to fit out its new warehouse with the latest technologies as far as automation and computerization of its manufacturing processes. For this reason, and with the objective of offering maximum quality products, they have installed various storage systems ranging from an automated warehouse with Pallet Shuttle and stacker cranes to drive-in and live pallet rackings.

  • An automated clad-rack warehouse integrated into the most advanced and sustainable factory within Europe

    Mecalux builds DAFSA an automated clad-rack warehouse, in the scenic countryside near Valencia, whose outer finish was carefully made to be environmentally friendly. The new warehouse, with a capacity for more than 23,000 pallets, is integrated with production outputs via a two level overpass. Mecalux Easy WMS (warehouse management software) was supplied, which is responsible for managing all the warehouse processes.

  • Management and control of an archive of 39,800 different items with Easy WMS Basic

    Banca March is the only bank in Spain which is 100% family owned. Founded in 1926 by Juan March Ordinas, in Palma de Mallorca, his vision of a traditional banking model has led the bank to be the European leader in solvency in 2010 and 2011, moreover to be recognized in 2013 as “Best Private Banking Institution” at the IAIR European Awards. The need to preserve documentation generated by its branches, while maintaining easy access to the files, has prompted the bank to implement the Easy WMS Basic management software.

  • Mecalux installs a new logistics centre for DHL on the outskirts of Madrid

    The warehouse, with a capacity for more than 90,000 pallets, has two areas allocated for palletised products. Another, formed by a two level high mezzanine floor, is earmarked for hanging garments. Its strategic location allows DHL to respond quickly to all its main customers' stores within the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal).

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