Clinical Nutrition, a nutrition and supplements leader, digitalises logistics management

Clinical Nutrition, a nutrition and supplements leader, digitalises logistics management

Clinical Nutrition, a leading manufacturer in nutrition and supplements, installs Easy WMS in its warehouse.

Clinical Nutrition

Clinical Nutrition, a distributor of sports, dietary and oral feeding nutrition solutions, has digitalised its warehouse with Mecalux’s Easy WMS software. The company controls the traceability of its goods to ensure that raw materials and finished products are stored in ideal conditions.

Clinical Nutrition: dietary, sports and hospital nutrition

With over 40 years in business, Clinical Nutrition is a leader in developing, manufacturing and distributing sports, dietary and enteral (tube feeding) nutrition solutions. The company’s facility in Argentona (near Barcelona, Spain) has over 20 production lines as well as laboratories for performing rigorous physico-chemical and microbiological controls. Clinical Nutrition markets its extensive product portfolio under its own brands, including Persan Farma and Nutrisport. In 2022, the organisation was acquired by Tradebe, an industrial business group committed to creating a more sustainable planet and making a significant contribution to human well-being. Founded in 1981, the company has over 200 clients.


  • Digitalise logistics management to control inventory in real time.
  • Facilitate the implementation of continuous improvements in the facility.


  • Easy WMS warehouse management system.


  • Accurate, real-time SKU control.
  • Data acquisition for more effective decision-making to scale up productivity.

One thing that characterises Clinical Nutrition is its ongoing commitment to transformation and the pursuit of innovative solutions. In the 1980s, the company was already a pioneer in Spain in manufacturing and selling sports nutrition products. Moreover, it developed the market’s first liquid diet for enteral nutrition.

For decades, the business has been expanding its footprint in the domestic and international markets, with a keen focus on launching new products. Recently, it has taken on a new challenge: the modernisation of its supply chain.

“Our goods are made in Argentona using top-quality raw materials and adhering to strict manufacturing controls and regulations. We’re extremely demanding in our production processes because our solutions are sold worldwide. We have 10 manufacturing areas with over 20 production lines,” says Xavier Heras, Logistics Manager at Clinical Nutrition.

The company’s logistics operations are extremely complex. The ingredients used to make nutritional products require specific storage conditions and safety controls to ensure risk-free consumption. Identifying all items from their arrival at the facility and controlling their traceability in real time are essential for housing the raw materials and finished products in the right conditions.

Clinical Nutrition has deployed Mecalux’s Easy WMS warehouse management system to control SKUs in real time and boost its logistics operations. The software intervenes in all processes in the facility, from the organisation and arrangement of goods on the racking to the way operations are carried out. The company has also installed Supply Chain Analytics Software. This extension of Easy WMS delivers data on the progress of the business’s main logistics activities so that it can make improvements to raise throughput.

Prior to digitalising its warehouse, Clinical Nutrition managed its goods manually. For example, in the receiving area, operators would write down the batch number and expiry date of each incoming item on a delivery note. Then, they would enter the data into Clinical Nutrition’s ERP system. Now, by integrating the Mecalux software with the ERP, the organisation knows beforehand which products will arrive at the facility. Furthermore, it can verify the availability of the materials needed to supply the production lines and fulfil all orders.

Logistics process digitalisation

Easy WMS — a flexible, scalable software program — has allowed Clinical Nutrition to adapt to business changes, such as increases in demand and in the number of SKUs. The system efficiently orchestrates all logistics operations:

Receiving and putaway

Operators merely read the barcode on each pallet with their RF scanners and Easy WMS identifies the merchandise, records it in the database and assigns it a location. The software employs advanced algorithms to decide where to slot each item, taking into account factors such as SKU type, size and demand level.

When assigning the goods a location, it is vital to consider their characteristics to ensure smooth operations in the Clinical Nutrition facility. The software also configures optimal pick paths. Using trilateral (narrow aisle) forklifts, operators travel the shortest possible distances in both storage and order picking tasks.

Order processing and shipping

Every day, Clinical Nutrition warehouse operators prepare a multitude of orders. Easy WMS sends them step-by-step instructions in line with the person-to-goods method.

With this order picking strategy, Easy WMS shows pickers which location to go to and which items to remove from the shelves. Operators pick orders by batch and by zone. This means that they work exclusively in their assigned area, where they gather products belonging to several orders on a single run.

The software and the pickers communicate via wireless RFID devices. When they finish a task, operators simply have to confirm this on their RF scanners to receive new instructions.

Once the picking process is completed, the orders are moved to the consolidation area, where they are packed, strapped and labelled. At this time, the company generates the required shipping documentation and then groups the goods in the docking area by destination.

Supply Chain Analytics Software: strategic data analysis

Clinical Nutrition uses Supply Chain Analytics Software to analyse its logistics operations in detail. This advanced Easy WMS functionality supplies valuable data on the main tasks performed in the facility, empowering the business to implement strategic improvements to optimise productivity.

The software contains dashboards that display comparative graphs with information on the warehouse’s performance. At a glance, logistics managers can check indicators such as incoming and outgoing goods, available capacity, the number of SKUs and prepared and pending orders.

For instance, Clinical Nutrition has a receiving dashboard that shows the items entered every hour, the time spent on receiving tasks and materials that have arrived in correct condition. Likewise, it has a dashboard that indicates the warehouse occupancy percentage and the number of days products remain stored, among other data.

Logistics operations designed for growth

Over its 40-plus years in business, Clinical Nutrition has continuously improved its logistics processes to broaden its market. Digitalising its supply chain with Easy WMS fosters the organisation’s plans to maintain and further strengthen its leadership as a nutritional products manufacturer.

As the Mecalux software is scalable, it can adapt to changes in Clinical Nutrition’s business, such as larger order volumes. Easy WMS also provides the company with full product traceability and efficient inventory management to meet even the most demanding customer needs.

Mecalux’s Easy WMS has helped us streamline our supply chain, successfully manage stock, control traceability in real time and optimise processes.

Xavier HerasLogistics Manager, Clinical Nutrition

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