Pallet Racking

Pallet Racking

Versatile, robust storage solution that offers direct access to each pallet. Adaptable to all types of facilities.

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Pallet Racking: efficiency and flexibility

Selective pallet racking is the most universal storage system thanks to its versatility. Its distribution in the warehouse creates a series of interior aisles, enabling direct, individual access to all pallets. This setup is ideal when working with a wide array of SKUs.

Mecalux’s racks are manufactured in accordance with the highest quality pallet racking standards and are equipped with several safety features. An extensive range of uprights, beams, shelving and supports allow for the design of installations tailored to the most demanding needs.

Pallet racks are an ideal storage system for managing varied SKUs

Advantages of selective pallet racking

  • Direct access to each pallet: all pallets are accessible from the working aisle.
  • Safety locking system (Mecalux-exclusive): this mechanism prevents the accidental displacement of the beam, enhancing the overall safety of the racking.
  • Easy implementation: the structures are assembled quickly and have a low maintenance cost.
  • Versatile: these racks adapt to the height of the facility and to multiple load types (from pallets and containers of different weights and sizes to boxes, drums and reels).
  • Configurable and scalable: the height of the storage levels is adjustable and can be modified to reconfigure the storage system. Moreover, the racking can be expanded easily by adding bays and height levels.
  • Suitable for picking: operators can perform picking tasks at floor level (or on the lowest parts of the racking). They can also pick items from higher locations using order pickers.
  • Cataphoresis: Mecalux applies a cataphoresis coating to the uprights, increasing their resistance to corrosion.
  • Racking inspection: as a manufacturer of industrial pallet racking, Mecalux offers an annual mandatory racking inspection service. Inspections are conducted by a highly qualified specialised technical team.
  • Mecalux warranty: Mecalux’s racking complies with the highest quality standards and the regulations in force in each country.
Selective pallet racking offers multiple advantages, including direct access and great versatility

Pallet racks are the best way to manage our orders and fully optimise our storage capacity

Grupo Pamesa
Juan A. Vives López Logistics Manager
Grupo Pamesa
(Onda, Spain)

Applications of pallet racking

Perfect solution for a broad range variety of SKUs

Due to its simple construction, versatility, easy assembly and low implementation cost, conventional pallet racking is the most commonly used storage system in warehouses. It is especially appropriate in the following cases:

La paletización convencional es ideal para almacenar muchas referencias variadas

Warehouses with a wide variety of SKUs

Industrial pallet racking is recommended for the storage of multiple SKUs.

Adjustable pallet racking enables multi-client warehouses to manage very diverse products

Multi-client facilities

Pallet racks are widespread in the warehouses of 3PL providers, as they facilitate the storage of varied, high-turnover goods.

Mecalux pallet racking can be installed in facilities of all sizes

Warehouses big and small

Mecalux pallet racking is ideal for facilities of all sizes.

Warehouse pallet racking can be adapted to house non-palletised goods

Storage of non-palletised goods

In addition to pallets, these racks can be adapted to accommodate other types of loads (containers, coils, barrels, etc.).

Double-deep pallet racking dimensions provide greater storage capacity

Increased space while maintaining accessibility

Double-deep pallet racking doubles storage capacity without sacrificing accessibility.

Pallet rack shelving allows for picking on the lower levels

Order picking tasks

The lower levels can be configured for operators to pick orders directly from the racking.



We’re extremely satisfied with the Mecalux pallet racking; it’s more than met our expectations. We’ve reduced storage and internal transport costs, minimised order fulfilment times and now have more reliable inventory control.

Enrique Gutiérrez Melero General Manager
(Martos, Spain)

The solution installed by Mecalux has enabled us to achieve the main goal for this warehouse: to fulfil orders and deliver them to customers as quickly as possible. We’ve also expanded our capacity by optimising our storage space.

Felix Felder Operations Manager
(Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, US)

The Mecalux pallet racking fully meets our needs. They’re much more than racks for holding goods — they provide us with more efficient organisation and optimal space maximisation.

Theodor Mokalis Operations Manager
(Cheste, Spain)

The Mecalux pallet racking has fully adapted to our needs and at the best price.

Fabio Montinario Logistics Director
(Brandizzo, Italy)

The direct access provided by the pallet racks is critical for operators to be able to fill orders quickly.

Roberto Urra Logistics Manager
(Villena, Spain)

I’d stress the flexibility of the Mecalux pallet racking, which enables us to adapt very quickly to our changing customer base and market trends.

Elimar Elesbon Soares Operations Director
(Cuiabá, Brazil)

Case studies

Elektro3: over 14,000 SKUs in an expanding warehouse

The hardware and DIY shop products company Elektro3 has expanded its logistics centre in Tarragona, Spain, to accommodate a wide variety of SKUs. Mecalux has installed pallet racking to facilitate the preparation of 4.5 million order lines a year. Read more

Elektro3: over 14,000 SKUs in an expanding warehouse

Mecalux installs a new logistics centre for DHL on the outskirts of Madrid

Exemple of pallet racking and mezzanine floor for DHL in Spain developed by Mecalux and other examples of storage systems. Read more

Mecalux installs a new logistics centre for DHL on the outskirts of Madrid

Warehouse for DIY and gardening products of Leroy Merlin

The two new warehouses that Leroy Merlin had built comprise pallet racks by Mecalux that offer a storage capacity of more than 21,600 pallets. This storage system for industrial use stands out for its versatility to house pallets of different volumes and dimensions for merchandise storage needs. Read more

Warehouse for DIY and gardening products of Leroy Merlin

Mecalux has equipped the new Unilever distribution centre with pallet racking

Unilever, a multinational manufacturer of consumer goods, opens a warehouse in Uruguay that stores more than 15,000 pallets. Read more

Mecalux has equipped the new Unilever distribution centre with pallet racking

Boland: logistics centralisation to support omnichannel strategy

Boland, a Dutch costume and party accessory company, has centralised its logistics operations in a new warehouse in Bleiswijk (Netherlands). Mecalux has equipped it with pallet racking with capacity for 26,328 pallets, enabling Boland to meet a key logistics objective: to ship online orders within 12 hours. Read more

Boland: logistics centralisation to support omnichannel strategy
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Pallet racking configurations

Storage solution available in multiple combinations

Mecalux offers several variants of its conventional pallet racking system, adapted to the specific needs of each warehouse.

Selective pallet racking components

Mecalux pallet racking stands out for the manufacturing quality of all its components. Mecalux applies a cataphoresis coating to its uprights, increasing their resistance to corrosion. Additionally, it complies with the EN 15512, EN 15620, EN 15629 and EN 15635 standards.

The basic structure of conventional pallet racking — whether single- or double-deep — comprises a set of vertical and horizontal metal parts. Their adjustable connections allow for easy, fast assembly.

Adjustable pallet racking features multiple safety accessories to prevent accidents and strengthen the structural integrity of the racks. Moreover, Mecalux offers an annual pallet racking inspection service.

Selective pallet racking frame


Vertical elements formed by 2 uprights connected using diagonals and cross-ties. The uprights are slotted every 50­ mm to accommodate the beams.

Pallet racking beam


Horizontal elements that support the load and stiffen the racking lengthwise. Beams are attached to the frames with connectors or endplates, which snap into the uprights.

Safety locking mechanism for pallet racks

Safety locking mechanism

Locking system integrated into the endplate that connects the beam and the upright. This mechanism prevents the beam from becoming accidentally dislodged. Exclusive innovation by Mecalux.

Pallet rack spine bracing

Spine bracing

System of flat vertical and horizontal profiles joined to the frames, increasing the down-aisle stability of the racking.

Frame footplate for selective pallet racking

Frame footplates

Fitted to the base of the uprights and anchored to the floor. Different types of footplates are available, depending on the upright model and the load to be supported.

Pallet racking anchor bolt

Anchor bolts

High-strength components used to secure the structure’s footplates to the floor. They are adapted to the floor type and the forces the racking must withstand.

Pallet rack levelling shim

Levelling shims

Placed below the footplates to ensure that racking installed on uneven flooring is level. Shims are available in various thicknesses and for every type of upright.

Row spacer for warehouse pallet racking

Row spacer

Steel part used to join two racks together, providing the assembly with greater cross-aisle stability.

Frame splice for pallet storage racks

Frame splice

Set consisting of 2 symmetrical pieces employed in racking with tall frames. Using bolts, the splices are secured to the inner part of the uprights to be joined.

Pallet rack protectors absorb impacts from handling equipment

Pallet rack protectors

Guards designed to absorb minor accidental impacts caused by handling equipment at floor level, preventing damage to vertical elements.

Fall-protection mesh in industrial pallet racking

Fall-protection mesh

Anti-collapse mesh fitted to the back of the racking to prevent goods from falling accidentally. Pallet rack netting can cover all or part of the racking height.

Ground-level safety passageway in industrial pallet racking

Ground-level passageways

Pathways that run through the racking, serving as shortcuts and emergency exits.

Safe load warning notice on adjustable pallet racking

Safe load warning notice

Sign detailing the storage system’s technical characteristics and the deadline for the next inspection. These notices are placed in clearly visible areas at the ends of the racking structure.

Positioning profile on heavy-duty pallet racking

Positioning profile

Part secured to the back of the racking to withstand the forces produced when depositing the pallet. This profile remains in constant contact with the pallet (not the load).

The safety profile prevents unit loads from falls and collisions

Safety profile

Installed at the back of the pallet racking, this profile makes contact with the load (not the pallet). It serves as a warning system to avoid potential falls or collisions of unit loads.

Guidance systems for warehouse pallet racking

Guidance systems

Solution installed to guide very narrow aisle (VNA) trucks inside storage aisles. There are 2 types of guidance systems: mechanical or wire-guided.

Fire safety systems in selective pallet racking

Fire safety systems

In designing pallet racking equipped with fire protection systems, Mecalux ensures the optimal positioning of the pipes and sprinklers.

Pallet racking accessories

Wide range of accessories to enhance pallet racking versatility

Metal shelves for pallet racking are available in different configurations

Metal Shelves

Available in different models (galvanised, grooved and perforated) to adapt to unit load weights and storage requirements.

Mesh shelves can be placed on selective pallet racking

Mesh shelves

Made up of rectangular electro-welded mesh and cross-ties, which strengthen the structure. They are placed on the beams without the need for fastening.

Pallet racks can be fitted with chipboard shelves

Chipboard shelving

Particle board panels secured using retainers and cross-ties. The quantities required will depend on the load to be supported.

Container support bar for pallet racking

Container support bars

Fitted when storing stillage containers (with legs instead of lower deckboards) on pallet racks. Two support bars are used per container: one on the right and one on the left.

Drum and reel supports for pallet racks

Drum and reel supports

Installed when housing cylindrical unit loads such as coils and cables. Several models are available, depending on the characteristics of the load to be stored.

Raised pallet support bar for selective pallet racking

Raised pallet support bars

Placed perpendicularly to the beams to support unit loads without lower deckboards.

Pallet support bar for pallet racking

Pallet support bars

Positioned perpendicularly to the beams to prevent pallets from falling when inserted with their lower deckboards parallel to the beams.

P&D stations on the front end of selective pallet racking

P&D stations

Installed on the ends of the pallet racks to hold pallets temporarily. They are used in warehouses with a high number of movements.

Pallet racks are identified by aisle signs

Aisle signs

Rectangular metal plates containing letters or numbers. They are placed at the ends of the racks for easy identification. They can be fitted in 3 different positions.


Catalog - 5 - Conventional-pallet-racking - en_UN

Selective Pallet Racking (catalogue)

The most universal system for direct access to every pallet

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Warehouse safety manual

Operation, use, inspection and maintenance of the pallet racking

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Storage systems for palletised goods

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Selective pallet racking is the most widespread storage system in warehouses that stock palletised goods. This is due to its versatility, simple construction, easy assembly and relatively low cost. Moreover, it is the only system that offers direct access to every pallet stored, ensuring efficient inventory management. This makes pallet racks the perfect solution for companies that handle many SKUs and few pallets of each.

The main advantage of selective pallet racking lies in direct access to each pallet stored. This ensures maximum agility in loading and unloading operations and efficient inventory management. Similarly, its versatility and the large number of storage locations it provides make it the ideal solution for multiple storage needs.

However, the choice of these racks may limit storage capacity in certain circumstances, particularly when dealing with few SKUs and many pallets per each. In this case, high-density storage systems are generally recommended. Examples include drive-in racking, pallet flow racking, push-back pallet racking and the Pallet Shuttle system.

Selective pallet racking dimensions are adapted to the requirements of each warehouse. Rack height can range from a few metres to over 40 metres (in automated warehouses). There is no limit in length: racking units can be installed one after another. Nevertheless, safety passageways must be enabled, and interior tunnels can be created as a shortcut between aisles. The depth of the frame is determined by the dimensions of the pallet. For a Euro-pallet measuring 1,200 mm deep, the frame will normally be 1,100 mm.

The length of selective pallet racking beams is subject to the type of pallet stored. For instance, for Euro-pallets, standard beam lengths are 1,825, 2,700 and 3,600 mm. In the case of North American (GMA) pallets, beam dimensions are 2,225 and 3,300 mm.

The endplate that joins the beam and upright features a built-in safety locking mechanism designed to make the structure even safer. Since it forms part of the endplate itself, the mechanism is always activated. Once in place, it cannot be removed without completely dismantling the beam. This prevents accidental or deliberate manipulation, ensuring the strength and stability of the racking. The safety locking mechanism is an exclusive innovation of Mecalux.

Cataphoresis is an immersion coating process that provides high corrosion resistance. Notably, it also covers the entire surface of the pieces, reaching even the most inaccessible parts and ensuring a uniform coating thickness. This enhances the components’ resistance to corrosion while safeguarding edges and corners. Mecalux applies cataphoresis coating to the uprights that make up pallet rack frames.

While primarily used for pallet storage, pallet racks can be adapted through various accessories to accommodate other types of loads, such as containers (metal, plastic and wood), reels, drums and other cylindrical items. It can also house different medium-sized and large unpalletised products.

In their standard configuration, pallet racking does not use shelves, as pallets are stored directly on the beams. However, it is possible to place metal or chipboard shelves on the beams. This will adapt the racks to house other types of unit loads and perform additional operations, such as order picking directly from the racking.

Yes, pallet racks are compatible with order picking, allowing for both storage functions and picking tasks. One option is to perform order picking directly from the pallets located at floor level. This is a common practice in many warehouses. Likewise, it is possible to allocate the first 2 or 3 levels of the racking to order picking directly from pallets. This strategy can be implemented provided that the location heights are appropriate and operators can access the products easily (assisted, for example, by an order picker). Another alternative is to place picking shelves on the lower levels. This makes it possible to store other types of unit loads while housing reserve pallets on the upper racking levels.

Any type of forklift can be used (counterbalanced, reach trucks, VNA trucks, etc.), as long as the aisle has the appropriate width and the machines can reach the upper load levels. In the case of double-deep pallet racking, the forklift employed must have telescopic forks to reach the pallet furthest away.

When using VNA trucks — typically used in narrow aisles with high-bay pallet racking — a guidance system is installed to direct the forklift’s path within the working aisle. This system can be mechanically guided, using profiles fitted to both sides of the aisle and anchored to the floor. Alternatively, it can be wire-guided, whereby a wire is embedded into the floor, producing a magnetic field to direct the forklift’s movement.

In warehouses using VNA trucks, pallet racking with a height of up to 15 m can be easily automated, without altering the structure of the storage system. This is achieved by installing automatic trilateral stacker cranes. This solution, equipped with a trilateral extraction system, fully automates storage and retrieval operations. In the event that you require complete automation of pallet storage, Mecalux can assist you in the design and implementation of an automated warehouse.

Absolutely. Mecalux offers a complimentary technical visit where our storage solutions experts — together with the client — identify the requirements and flows of goods to define a warehouse layout tailored to the client’s logistic needs.

Mecalux provides its clients with after-sales services including regular inspections, advice on the safe use of racking, delivery of the pallet rack installation manual and safety manual, technical guidance on warehouse solutions and safety, investigation of incidents/accidents in the facility and telephone support. Clients can also sign an inspection contract to implement a schedule of periodic inspections.

Yes. Mecalux offers a Racking Inspection service, an annual requirement stipulated by the UNE-EN 15635 standard (Steel static storage systems. Application and maintenance of storage equipment). After conducting the inspection, Mecalux will prepare a report outlining the findings of the assessment, with proposals for implementing safety measures in the facility, where applicable. Mecalux’s technical inspection department carries out annual inspections, issues certification reports and generates inspection labels.

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