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Best Practices Magazine

Issue 14 - July 2019

Download the fourteenth issue of the Best Practices magazine today and discover thirteen projects by companies that lead their sector and are reaping the benefits of Mecalux's storage and management solutions. On its pages, you can read how the Rossignol Group has tailored its warehouse in France to its omnichannel business strategy or how Danone manages its complex supply chain operations with the Easy WMS warehouse management system.

You will also discover details on what warehousing solutions have been installed at the Coca-Cola Refrescos Bandeirantes distribution centre in Brazil. Plus, you will gain insight into the most efficient systems deployed in e-commerce shops such as TopTex (clothing and accessories), Deguisetoi.fr (costumes and party supplies) and Eobuwie.pl (shoes and accessories).

The magazine also contains the most important news in the industry, as well as an extensive report analysing the functionality, benefits, features and applications of the semi-automatic and automatic Pallet Shuttle system.

Download Best Practices nº14 - July 2019

Issue 13 - April 2019

Are you curious about how Decathlon's warehouse in Poland has streamlined online order preparation? Plus, discover how Tadim introduced Industry 4.0 operations by automating all its logistics centre's operations in Turkey.

Don’t miss out on the thirteenth issue of the Best Practices magazine since it comes with eleven amazing examples of customer success stories. These are about leading companies in their sector that, thanks to the collaboration of Mecalux, have renovated and improved their supply chain to adapt to the emerging needs of the market.

Among the articles, you will also see how Mecalux has tailored the spare parts automated warehouse of multinational GKN Driveline, meaning it can now handle boxes weighing up to 200 kg. Likewise, discover how Grupo Alainé has reached high-performance levels and a top storage capacity in its new installations in France, equipped with up to 43 m deep channels.

Best Practices 13 includes a compilation of some of the newest projects that Mecalux is working on and that will be up and running in the next few months, as well as the most relevant sector news.

Download Best Practices nº 13 – April 2019

Issue 12 - January 2019

Enjoy the twelfth edition of Best Practices, a magazine that features eight case studies about projects Mecalux has provided for customers in all types of industrial sectors, and from various countries such as Brazil, Chile, Spain, Mexico or Poland.

Get the details on Nestlé Purina’s modern production plant that it owns and operates in Chile or how Hero, a foods multinational, has benefited from updating it old warehouse management system with the new Easy WMS of Mecalux in its facilities in Spain. Plus, discover how simulations were used to make sure Chiggiato Trasporti’s warehouse in Italy got earthquake-proof racks that would handle any tremor the region could send its way. Likewise, find out how Benco Dental boosted efficiency and optimised space-purposing in its US warehouse through diverse picking solutions. As usual, Best Practices also includes news on the latest projects we have in the works at Mecalux over the next few months.

Download Best Practices nº 12 – January 2019

Issue 11 - October 2018

The eleventh featured edition of Best Practices rolls out seven customer projects from well-known companies like Decathlon, Michelin and Novartis who have made Mecalux their number one pick for supply chain optimising solutions. Our industry advice will show you how to streamline picking of your online orders, the benefits of connecting your warehouse to production areas or the advantages of setting up the Mecalux Easy WMS.

Plus, the magazine includes breaking news on the sector, as well as a feature article that takes an in-depth look at how to run an omnichannel business model, a trend that is transforming logistics centres around the world. Mecalux has its finger on the pulse of today’s e-tailing logistics and has stepped up to offer software solutions that will make all the difference in your business when adapting to these market trends.

Download Best Practices nº 11 - October 2018

Issue 10 - July 2018

Best Practices proudly presents a tenth digital edition ready for download. This issue is packed with exclusive reports on customer projects by Mecalux, which deliver made-to-measure storage solutions built for businesses from diverse sectors such as food and beverage, automotive and pharmaceuticals. Innovation in warehousing and supply chain is this month’s main focus.

Famous household names, such as Würth, have stepped up to the plate and automated all its logistics processes. Another established leader, Renault, is reaping the benefits of the Easy WMS warehouse management system in their manufacturing warehouse. The case study about online supermarket giant Super Nosso, in Brazil, showcases how it can now prepare 3,000 orders daily.

Loaded with professional colour photography about Mecalux storage systems and the latest industry news, BP 10 gives you the big picture to help you get serious about optimising your business’s supply chain or warehouse. Our feature article about warehouse simulation hits the mark with its in-depth examination of logistics management and monitoring. In the planning stages of a new or expanding storage system, it shows how simulation can benefit your business, helping it run at full strength from day one.

Download Best Practices nº 10 - July 2018

Issue 9 - April 2018

Find out how Nestlé connects the dots between its production centre and its warehouse. And, how does Grégoire-Besson keep a tight grip on more than 10,000 SKUs? This edition of Best Practices includes six customer-focused solutions that showcase companies from different sectors that leveraged upgrades and improved their logistics centres. In most of these cases, automation has been the driving force behind increased productivity across the board.

Do not miss out on our news section, featuring last trimester's top projects by Mecalux. Our new, more modern and attractive design makes this issue a must-have download.

Download Best Practices nº 9 – April 2018

Issue 8 - January 2018

Best Practices rings in the New Year with 8 case studies that take an in-depth look at how some cutting-edge businesses have improved their logistics processes by working with Mecalux. Reduced logistics overhead, optimised picking and more storage capacity are some of the aims fulfilled by the solutions set up in each facility.

Our company magazine, as in previous issues, also includes the latest sector news, and a featured article about the benefits of electrified monorail systems (EMS) –one of the fastest goods transport systems a warehouse can run. An interview with Xavier Pascual, Director of Hispack 2018, tops things off, with an extensive look at what the seventeenth edition of this benchmark event has in store for sector professionals with regards to logistics in packaging.

Download Best Practices nº 8 – January 2018

Issue 7 - November 2017

Do you run an e-commerce business but don’t know how to speed up order picking? Do you want to save on electrical costs in your frozen storage installation? Do you need to make the most of your warehouse space? Best Practices issue 7 includes 10 case studies that explain how the different installed storage solutions were tailored to each customer to achieve high logistics efficiency.

Inside, it features an automated warehouse with 140 m long aisles, an installation that combines various warehouse fulfilment solutions to house more than 73,000 pallets and how a leading e-tailer topped out its warehouse’s product throughput. In addition, the magazine includes the latest sector news and an in-depth article from our experts in which you will gain knowledge about the types, advantages and features of pallet conveyors.

Download Best Practices nº 7 – November 2017

Issue 6 – June 2017

Do you need to streamline picking operations, expand storage capacity, adapt a supply chain to e-commerce tasks, earthquake-proof your racks? Look no further. The 6th issue of Best Practices features diverse examples of installations, with solutions for all kinds of logistics workflows.

In-depth articles from sector experts round out this quarter’s content, per usual. In this instance, the issue delves into the advantages of cloud-based software; the systems that best provide thermal insulation in cold storage installations; as well as the seismic calculations of racks in Europe.

Download Best Practices nº 6 – June 2017

Issue 5 - March 2017

From large automated installations looking for top storage capacity, to warehouses using pallet racking and conveyor circuits to streamline order preparation, Best Practices 5 offers up 16 case studies with examples of all kinds of solutions for supply chain optimisation.

The magazine also includes two new in-depth articles: one scrutinises advances in the structural behaviour of racks during earthquakes, focusing in particular on Chile; while the other explains some keys to reducing energy consumption in automated warehouses.

Download Best Practices nº5 - March 2017

Issue 4 - December 2016

The final 2016 issue includes 18 case studies, which illustrate a wide variety of projects adapted to the constraints of leading companies in the following sectors: food and beverage; transport and logistics operators; plastics; health care; chemical and cosmetic products; and hardware and industrial supply.

All this is rounded off with the most important quarterly news and two new articles from our experts, with an in-depth analysis of the benefits of new batteries and supercapacitors for automatic handling equipment, and a closer look at the various types of existing finishes in the market to protect metal racking from corrosion.

Download Best Practices nº4 - December 2016

Issue 3 - September 2016

This third's edition includes 15 new case studies with different types of storage projects implement around the world. Each of the presented examples shows the best solution for each specific need.

From custom pallet racking to locate and maintain 50,000 rolls of cloth, or the design of a "warehouse model" for all the Renfe maintenance centres, and even a massive picking installation with conveyors to streamline the online sale of shoes, the featured storage projects in this quarterly edition encompass all sorts of logistics operations.

Download Best Practices nº3 - september 2016

Issue 2 - June 2016

This edition includes 18 case studies showing different challenges and the storage solutions adopted to resolve them in the most efficient way.

The companies represented (such as Cepsa, Bodegas Protos or Schneider Electric) belong to diverse sectors: food and beverage, chemical and cosmetic products, transport and logistics operators, construction, paper and derivatives, electricity and electronics, etc.

The issue is complemented by two interesting articles written by our experts: "Choosing the ideal system for storing pallets", and "The advantages of intelligent warehouse management".

Download Best Practices nº2 - June 2016

Issue 1 - March 2016

The Best Practices magazine was created to show the actual implementation of Mecalux storage solutions and warehouse management software in selected projects. In this way, companies from any industry or of any size can follow these success stories to solve their own logistics needs.

The case studies included in this first issue range from the spectacular 46 m high clad-rack automated warehouse built for Hayat Kimya, to the installation of a high-density automated warehouse with Pallet Shuttle and stacker crane for the meat company Hemosa.

Download Best Practices nº1 - March 2016