Combination of systems in the ANVI Plasturgie warehouse in France

Combination of systems in the ANVI Plasturgie warehouse in France

ANVI Plasturgie plastic products are stored in pallet racking and compact racks

ANVI Plasturgie

ANVI Plasturgie, a French manufacturer of plastic products, has expanded its distribution centre in Saint Germain du Plain to cope with the expansion of its business. The warehouse is divided into two zones: one with pallet racks and one with high-density pallet racks with the Pallet Shuttle system. In total, the warehouse capacity holds 4,171 pallets.

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Three manufacturing technologies

ANVI Plasturgie is a French company that designs and manufactures plastic parts for various industrial uses: from pots and products for gardening to hazardous waste containers and medical equipment.

The company has three production plants in France where about 200 operators work moulding plastic on the basis of three criteria: rotational, injection and blow moulding.

Recently, the company expanded its facilities in Saint Germain du Plain (in central France) in response to increasing demand and, ultimately, production. To this end, it contacted Interlake Mecalux and, in the words of Víctor Bouillard, project manager at ANVI Plasturgie, “after listening to our needs, they presented us with a very interesting proposal that allowed us to have more storage capacity.”

Warehouse features

ANVI Plasturgie's warehouse consists of two areas. In one of them, four blocks of compact racking have been installed with the Pallet Shuttle system and in the other, pallet racking.

The pallet racks measure 8 m high, with three levels adapted to the dimensions of the goods: 800 x 1,200 x 2,500 mm. A large number of pallets with many different SKUs are deposited in them.

One of the features of this solution is the direct access to the products, which provides a great flexibility in the management of the goods. In addition, it guarantees perfect stock control, as each location is intended for the same SKU.

The upper levels have electro-welded mesh to prevent the accidental fall of materials.

Pallet Shuttle system

The racking system run by the Pallet Shuttle system, intended for consumer goods (type A), measures 8.5 m high, divided into three levels. “We used this solution because we could get a large storage capacity at a lower cost,” explains Victor Bouillard.

Moreover, as the project manager points out, “we have maintained agile management of our merchandise.” The rationale is that operators do not enter the lanes to handle pallets, but the shuttle does the work itself.

“This solution has simplified merchandise management in line with the FIFO system,” notes Bouillard. Each block of racks has a loading aisle and a unloading aisle, which avoids interference between product inputs and outputs.

Victor Bouillard - ANVI Plasturgie Project Manager
“We are very impressed with the new warehouse, especially the Pallet Shuttle system. It has contributed many positive results for our business and is very easy to use. Before it was put into operation, the Interlake Mecalux technical team taught our operators how to use the automatic shuttles.”

Advantages for ANVI Plasturgie

  • Optimum distribution of goods: the pallets with the most demanded products are placed on the racks with the Pallet Shuttle system, while the others are placed in the pallet racks.
  • Maximum performance: the Pallet Shuttle system, being an automatic shuttle that executes the movements, allows for great agility in the entry and exit of goods.
  • Direct access to pallets: pallet racks make it easier for operators to insert and remove pallets from their locations.
ANVI Plasturgie warehouse: Pallet racks
Storage capacity: 1,792 pallets
Pallet size: 800 x 1,200 x 2,500 mm
Max. pallet weight: 600 kg
Racking height: 8 m