Besafilm: how to optimise space without forfeiting direct access

Besafilm: how to optimise space without forfeiting direct access

Movirack offers direct access to the goods the moment a working aisle is opened


Besafilm has equipped its warehouse in Colognola ai Colli, Italy, with Movirack mobile pallet racking by Mecalux. This high-density system leverages all available space to provide storage capacity for 2,032 pallets. At the same time, it offers direct access to goods the moment a working aisle is opened.

Cutting experts

With over 30 years of experience, Besafilm is an Italian company specialising in all types of cutting for various customers, primarily those in the food, pharmaceutical and packaging sectors. With sophisticated technology and a highly qualified workforce, the firm is active in reel handling and cutting as well as 3D printing and the metallic coating of any kind of part.

“Nowadays, Besafilm is the main subcontractor of Italy's cutting sector. Not only do we serve customers in our country, but we also export our processes all over the world,” , says Besafilm owner Youri Beltrame. The company plans to diversify its products in the future, and, to do so, it needed to expand its storage capacity.

In the small town of Colognola ai Colli, just beside its production plant, the business has a 1,280 m2 installation where it manages more than 200 SKUs of raw materials and finished products. The firm has renovated this warehouse to optimise its surface area and, in this way, accommodate a larger number of SKUs.

“Before, the installation was composed of pallet racks. However, we lacked capacity, so we were forced to place some products on the floor. In general, we needed better management,” points out Youri Beltrame. Moreover, the company’s priority was to ensure direct access to the goods to facilitate entries and exits.

After analysing the business’s requirements, Mecalux suggested installing a Movirack mobile racking unit. The reason? This compact system makes the most of the warehouse space to boost storage capacity while maintaining direct access to the goods (just as the pallet racks did). When a working aisle is opened, operators can access the locations to remove or deposit products.

Besafilm operations

The racks, which stand 7 metres high and have four levels, are placed on mobile bases that move both laterally and independently. Total storage capacity stands at 2,032 pallets containing paper and plastic reels and rolls.

To open a working aisle, the operator issues a command via a remote-control device. “In practice, this automation is very simple and has provided us with extremely practical, safe and effective goods management,” notes Besafilm’s owner.

The movement of the racks is completely secure, as they are fitted with multiple safety devices:

  • Exterior barriers stop the racks from moving when an operator enters the aisle.
  • Interior barriers detect the presence of objects in the aisle that would prevent the proper operation of the system.
  • Emergency stop buttons prevent the racks from moving in the event of an incident.
  • Proximity photocells ensure a smooth, safe stop.

Daily warehouse operations consist of receiving and storing products sent by customers and suppliers. Following these phases, they are sent to production, where they are cut or processed as required. Finally, the orders are prepared and shipped.

Every day, workers finish close to 50 orders — each made up of an average of 10 lines — although this figure can rise, depending on the time of year. The two operators who work in the installation are charged with locating and sorting the SKUs they need. Subsequently, the orders are grouped together to streamline their distribution.

High-density storage with direct access

Movirack racking can store and move all Besafilm’s goods in a safe, controlled way through the use of a single remote-control device. With this solution, the company makes full use of the space available, achieving the highest possible capacity.

Direct access is one of the features that has benefited the company the most, as proper goods management calls for a direct connection with the production plant. As a result, Besafilm’s supply chain is much more agile.

Youri Beltrame - Owner of Besafilm
“Movirack has exceeded our expectations. We are especially pleased with the increased storage capacity gained without having lost the direct access to the products. After using the racks 24 h a day for a year, we have not had a single problem.”

Advantages for Besafilm

  • Maximised space: Movirack optimises the available surface area. The company can now deposit all its goods on the racks in a safe, controlled manner.
  • Storage capacity: the racking stores up to 2,032 pallets (it had initially held 600), more than enough for Besafilm to be able to meet its customers’ needs.
  • Goods management: despite being a high-density system, Movirack provides direct access to the goods. This was a priority for the firm, as it was looking to streamline storage and picking tasks.
Warehouse of Besafilm
Storage capacity: 2,032 pallets
Pallet sizes: 800 x 1,200 / 2,500 mm
Max. pallet weight: 1,000 kg
Racking height: 7 m
Racking length: 37 m

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