C.D.A.L. Automatic transport between warehouse and dispatch

C.D.A.L. Automatic transport between warehouse and dispatch

The conveyors guarantee a constant flow of goods, as well as increasing productivity at the site


Box conveyor systems are transport elements that cover distances within a warehouse. The French spare car parts company C.D.A.L. has implemented a Mecalux conveyor circuit in its distribution centre in Saint Priest (in the south of the country), which automatically connects the warehouse with the dispatch area.

Uninterrupted flow of materials

C.D.A.L., an independent logistics platform that distributes spare car parts for wholesalers, has two warehouses in France: one in Saint Priest, and the other in Marseille. Mecalux has recently installed a box conveyor circuit at the Saint Priest site, speeding up the transfer of goods from the warehouse to the dispatch area. Goods movements are among the most time-consuming operations for warehouse operators.

Furthermore, they require uninterrupted activity by the material handling equipment, with the consequent risk of accidents. Mecalux box conveyors are robust and designed to withstand high-performance daily operations.

The conveyors are roller conveyors that move at a speed of 25 m/min. Operation is completely automatic, which is to say that it requires minimal intervention from the operators, so any error arising from manual handling of the products is eliminated.

As a result of this solution, the company has increased productivity and lowered operating costs. Mecalux has installed conveyors that are fully adapted to the layout at the warehouse. Their function is to direct prepared orders from the warehouse, on the upper floor, to the consolidation and dispatch area, located on the lower floor. To bridge this gap, the conveyors have belts that facilitate the flow of goods in complete safety.

Once the orders have reached the consolidation area, their weight is checked, and the order is inspected for completeness and to ensure no errors have occurred. The products are then placed in cardboard boxes, packed, labelled, and the corresponding delivery notes and documentation are issued for distribution.

Advantages for C.D.A.L.

  • High productivity: the conveyors move at a controlled speed of 25 m/min, which makes it possible to transport the goods very quickly.
  • Custom circuit: the design of the circuit has taken into account the layout of the warehouse, with a height difference between the storage area and the dispatch area.
Warehouse of C.D.A.L.
Height of conveyors: 0.75 m
Travel speed: 25 m/min
Box size: 400 x 600 x 420 mm
Max. box weight: 50 kg

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