Cresko’s toy and kids products warehouse in Argentina

Cresko’s toy and kids products warehouse in Argentina

Cresko’s new centre can warehouse close to 2,500 pallets of toys and children’s items


Toys and other products for kids are distributed and sold on a massive scale at very specific times of the year. As such, the Argentinian company Cresko wanted to set up its new distribution centre in Buenos Aires to deal with the seasonal demand for its products. Mecalux has fitted out the company’s facility with 5.5 m high pallet racks that help to organise and manage the goods easily.

Capturing magic moments

Cresko is an Argentinian company which was founded in 1995 and which distributes children’s products (toys, stuffed animals, school supplies, backpacks, books, etc.). It carries a wide range of innovative, fun, popular items for all the country’s boys and girls. The company constantly updates its products to penetrate the many, varied market niches. Plus, it works with some of the most recognised global brands like Mattel, Fisher Price or Disney.

Order and capacity

The company sells children’s products in Argentina meant for special occasions during the year like, for example, at Christmas time. That is why the warehouse must be ready to operate at full capacity and ensure that the supply of needed products always flows smoothly.

Cresko has opened a new distribution centre in Buenos Aires (Argentina) and has fitted it out with pallet rack from Mecalux. This work has been done progressively, in three different stages, thus adapting the warehouse to the company’s requirement framework. “We work with a very high number of SKUs, which means our priority was to keep products organised,” explains Fernando Alijo, warehouse manager at Cresko. Well-arranged, well-organised goods have a positive influence on all in progress activities within the installation, including operator tasks, stock management, resource use, work flows, etc.

Higher rotation products are housed at the end racking bays close to the loading docks, to speed up inputs and outputs. Likewise, higher demand products are also set on lower rack levels so that they are more accessible and easily handled.

According to Fernando Alijo, “thanks to the pallet racks from Mecalux, our warehouse is much bigger, cleaner and more orderly.” Each location is allocated to a single SKU and, thus, the company can control the stock it has on hand better.

The warehouse comprises nine, 3.2 m wide aisles so that operators, using reach trucks, can manoeuvre around easily when inserting and extracting loads from their locations. “Direct access helps our operators carry out storage tasks,” points out Fernando Alijo.

Both sides of each aisle feature 5.5 m high racks.“The racks fill as little space as possible or, in other words, they make maximum use of the warehouse surface area,” adds Alijo. In this case, the installation has reached a 2,418 pallet capacity for storing 1,000 x 1,200 mm pallets.

An underpass cuts across the racking and facilitates the flow of movements, in addition to acting as the emergency exit. The remaining levels above the passageway are lined with electro-welded mesh to prevent the accidental fall of materials.

Fernando Alijo - Warehouse manager at Cresko
“We chose pallet racks from Mecalux due to their materials’ quality, as well as their versatility and strength. They have more than met our needs, by using available space properly and helping us organise the massive number of SKUs we work with.”

Advantages for Cresko

  • Surface area usage: every centimetre of available warehousing space has been optimised to carry out all operations in the same area, both storage and picking work.
  • Organising the goods: the merchandise has been distributed in the warehouse considering their demand level, something that has boosted operational performance.
  • A versatile system: the pallet racks include accessories that adjust the storage slots to the features and sizes of the unit loads.
Distribution centre of Cresko
Storage capacity: 2,418 pallets
Pallet size: 1,000 x 1,200 x 2,250 mm
Max. pallet weight: 750 kg
Height of racks: 5.5 m
Length of racks: 57 m

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