The warehouse of Eagle Spare Parts, spare parts supplier

The warehouse of Eagle Spare Parts, spare parts supplier

Eagle Spare Parts' picking shelves make it easy to prepare orders

Eagle Spare Parts

Eagle Spare Parts has a 2,400 m² warehousing facility in the town of Mours-Saint-Eusèbe (France) equipped with Mecalux shelves with walkways. These shelves help to classify goods according to their dimensions and demand level, while providing agility in storage tasks and order fulfilment processes.

Needs and the solution

Eagle Spare Parts, a French spare parts supplier to the automotive sector, turned to Mecalux when it moved its logistics installations to Mours-Saint-Eusèbe (near Lyon).

This company works with a large number of SKUs and, for this reason, required a warehouse that would offer it a high storage capacity (with products classified according to their dimensions and rotation), as well as direct access to the goods to prepare a large volume of orders as quickly as possible.

Taking these special features into account, Mecalux has installed 5 m high shelves which support walkways or raised passageways that create two floors, thus doubling the useful storage area.

This solution takes advantage of the building’s height to maximize storage capacity. Moreover, each floor corresponds to a sector, which helps to organise the goods and, ultimately, the work of the operators when it comes to carrying out the storage and order preparation tasks.

Francis Bacconnier - Manager of Eagle Spare Parts
“Thanks to these efficient storage solutions from Mecalux, we have been able to optimise the storage area significantly.”

Shelving with walkways

The picking shelves are very versatile, because they can be adjusted to over 100,000 items of Eagle Spare Parts, with different volumes and rotations. Accessories and complements are available to tailor the shelves to the products' dimensions, be it boxes, packages, tools or spare parts.

Direct access is essential to ensure fast order fulfilment. Operators go to the storage locations and, once there, remove products directly from the shelves easily. This practice is known as the “person-to-product” criterion.

It also follows the order grouping system, which is based on preparing several orders during the same trip through the warehouse, with the aim of optimising operator movements. Subsequently, orders are checked, consolidated and sorted, all in order to minimise the error margin.

The aisles are wide enough for operators to travel with trolleys to pick up the products comprising each order or to put back the products. Picking and replenishment are carried out in different time slots to avoid interference.

Advantages for Eagle Spare Parts

  • High storage capacity: shelves with walkways take advantage of all available space and have doubled the useful storage space.
  • Direct access to goods: direct access helps operators prepare orders much faster and, at the same time, control stock.
  • Optimal warehouse distribution: the products are organised according to their dimensions and level of demand. This has a positive effect on the performance of the installation.
Warehouse of Eagle Spare Parts
Racking height: 5 m
No. of floors: 2
Surface area per floor: 120 m²
Access stairs: 2

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