The Logistics operator JAS-FBG equips its new 10,000 m² distribution centre in Warszowice (Poland) with systems for direct pallet access

The Logistics operator JAS-FBG equips its new 10,000 m² distribution centre in Warszowice (Poland) with systems for direct pallet access

Polish operator JAS-FBG improves service with Movirack mobile racking and pallet racks


Mecalux has installed pallet racking and Movirack mobile racking in the logistics centre of JAS-FBG S.A. The combination of both solutions allows for maximised storage capacity and increases productivity, by classifying the products according to size and turnover.

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About JAS-FBG S.A.

JAS-FBG S.A. is a Polish logistics operator that was established in 1991. As a result of having expanded its distribution network, its warehouses are spread all over the country.

Recently, the company has built a new 10,000 m2 logistics centre in the town of Warszowice (Poland). Its location is excellent, since it is in an important transportation hub that facilitates the distribution of all products in the south of the country.

The company requested the collaboration of Mecalux to achieve a large warehousing capacity for the varied products of its customers, as well as to expedite the storage and management of the merchandise.

The logistics centre

Mecalux has supplied two different storage systems that coexist in the same installation: on one side, pallet racking and, on the other, Movirack mobile racking.

Three chambers work at a controlled temperature (ambient, refrigerated and frozen). To access the frozen storage, operators must cross an SAS –a pre-chamber with two fast action doors that are never open at the same time– whose purpose is to avoid abrupt changes in temperature, loss of cold and condensation.

In front of the loading docks, a large reception, consolidation and dispatch area has been set up, where pallets of the same order or route are grouped together to speed up the loading of distribution vehicles.

Pallet racking
A total of 4,800 pallets with a maximum unit weight of 1,000 kg is the storage capacity offered by the seven double-depth pallet racks and two single-depth ones, 9 m high and 58 m long, installed by Mecalux.

The company operates with pallets of different sizes and turnovers. For this reason, pallet racking has been chosen due to its versatility and adaptability to any load. In this system, a large number of pallets are deposited with many different SKUs.

Due to the great length of the racks, a passageway has been opened at the rear of the warehouse, which facilitates the movement of the operators and functions as the emergency exit.

On one side of the pallet racks, JAS-FBG S.A. stores consumer goods in a block of drive-in racks.

Operators follow the instructions of warehouse management software (WMS) via a radiofrequency terminal, which always tells them which locations to go to.

Movirack mobile pallet racking
Movirack mobile racking has been installed in the two temperature controlled chambers. In total, they have a storage capacity for 4,620 pallets with a maximum weight of 1,000 kg.

The racks rest on mobile bases that move both laterally and independently. To open the aisle where the required goods are housed, the operator must give the order by means of a remote control.

Likewise, so the system operates well, the Movirack units incorporate safety devices, such as external and internal barriers with photocells, which stop all activity when operators work inside the aisle. There are also emergency stop buttons that, when triggered by an incident, interrupt the movement of the racks.

The two blocks of Movirack mobile racks have a control cabinet and an onboard cabinet on each of the racks. The PLC is located in the control cabinet, responsible for directing and processing movement commands.

Advantages for JAS-FBG S.A.

  • Maximum storage capacity: the JAS-FBG S.A. warehouse can store 10,820 pallets.
  • Efficient management: the pallet racking and the Movirack mobile racking help classify the merchandise according to the customer they belong to, their dimensions and turnover.
  • High throughput: the storage systems installed by Mecalux offer direct access to the goods, which grants greater speed when managing product and controlling the stock.
Pallet racking in the JAS-FBG S.A. logistics centre
Storage capacity: 4,800 pallets
Pallet size: 800 x 1,200 mm
Max. pallet weight: 1,000 kg
Racking height: 9 m

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