Two freezer installations with Movirack mobile racks keep Iberfresco's deep-frozen vegetables in top condition

Two freezer installations with Movirack mobile racks keep Iberfresco's deep-frozen vegetables in top condition

Iberfresco achieves a capacity for 9,680 pallets in its new refrigerated warehouse with Movirack mobile racking


Mecalux has supplied Movirack mobile pallet racking in the Iberfresco warehouse, a company dedicated to the packaging of frozen vegetables, to maximise the surface area and store all of its products within the same installation.

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Needs and the solution

Iberfresco used to deposit all its goods in different warehouses, making task management difficult and increasing operational costs.

Determined to resolve this situation, the company requested that Mecalux construct a facility to store and manage more than 25,000 t of frozen food that it produces and sells yearly.

After studying the needs of Iberfresco, Mecalux equipped the new 3,000 m2 frozen storage warehouse in Olmedo (Valladolid), with twenty-two 10 m high, 38 m long mobile racks. This upgrade provided a storage capacity of over 9,680 pallets, each weighing up to 1,000 kg. The warehouse is divided into two frozen storage installations, working at a constant temperature of -24 °C. Each frozen storage chamber has a safety passageway that joins to the emergency exits.


Movirack: racks on mobile bases

It is a high-density storage system that eliminates aisles while facilitating direct access to SKUs.

The racks are placed on mobile bases that move both laterally and independently. To open the required aisle and to extract or deposit the goods, the operator gives the command using a remote-control device.


Advantages for Iberfresco

  • Maximum storage capacity: the Movirack system makes full use of the 3,000 m2 installation, generating enough capacity to store all the goods produced at Iberfresco.
  • Direct access to the pallets: there is easy access to the 9,680 pallets, thanks to the racks which move laterally along guide rails.
  • Efficient service: operations are very agile because operators only need to send a command from a remote-control device to open the working aisle and deposit or extract pallets.
Movirack: racks on mobile bases for Iberfresco
Storage capacity: 9,681 pallets
Max. pallet weight: 1,000 kg
No. of racks: 22
Racking height: 10 m
Racking length: 38 m

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