Saccheria Franceschetti, the Italian sack and big-bag manufacturer, expands its storage capacity with the installation of Movirack mobile racking

Saccheria Franceschetti, the Italian sack and big-bag manufacturer, expands its storage capacity with the installation of Movirack mobile racking

Movirack mobile racks solve Saccheria Franceschetti's space problem

Saccheria Franceschetti

Saccheria F.lli Franceschetti, a leading Italian company in the manufacture and sale of sacks and big bags, has opted for Movirack mobile racking by Mecalux to store over 1,500 pallets in its production centre located in Provaglio d'Iseo (Italy).

About Saccheria F.lli Franceschetti

Established in Italy in 1970, Saccheria F.lli Franceschetti is a company who specialises in the production and sale of materials for industrial packaging made out of polypropylene raffia and jute: sacks, big bags and FIBC (flexible intermediate bulk containers). The quality of its products, the highly-trained personnel and the constant adaptation of new technologies make Saccheria F.lli Franceschetti a benchmark in the sector.

Its production centre, located in the Italian town of Provaglio d'Iseo, occupies an area of 22,000 m2. From there, the company manufactures and imports products, fully satisfying the needs of its customers.


The solution: Movirack mobile racking

To continue addressing its future growth, Saccheria F.lli Franceschetti commissioned Mecalux in the supply and installation of Moviracks mobile pallet racking, a high-density storage system that eliminates the number of aisles, increases storage capacity and provides direct access to pallets. The 6.6 m high racks are placed on mobile bases that move laterally in an autonomous manner. In total, they were provided with six double mobile racks and two static racks, one at each end.

To open the required aisle and to extract or deposit the goods, the operator gives the order using a remote-control device. The aisle is wide enough (4.5 m) so that the operator can easily handle the merchandise via counterbalanced forklifts.

Control cabinet
For the system to function properly, the block of Movirack mobile racks installed in the Saccheria F.lli Franceschetti warehouse has its own control cabinet, as well as on-board cabinets in all its racking units.

In the control cabinet is the PLC, which is responsible for directing and processing movement commands. In turn, power drives synchronise the three motors in each base and soften start-up and braking to extend the life of the components contained in the racks (wheels, motors, guides, etc.).

The transmission of power to the mobile base is undertaken through a double crown gear with a double pinion, which provides better system performance. This ensures that the movement of the racks is more uniform and, therefore, the life of the mechanical components is extended.


Advantages for Saccheria F.lli Franceschetti

  • Boosted storage capacity: the installed Movirack mobile racks can accommodate 1,528 pallets of 900 x 1,200 mm in a surface of 630 m2.
  • Maximum dynamism: this storage system offers direct access to the pallets, thus facilitating faster merchandise management and stock control.
  • Comprehensive safety: Movirack mobile racking includes a top-notch safety system that protects both operators and goods.
Saccheria F.lli Franceschetti warehouse in Italy
Storage capacity: 1,528 pallets
Pallet size: 900 x 1,200 mm
Max. pallet weight: 500 kg
Racking height: 6.6 m
No. of Movirack units: 6

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