Storage for picking with walkways combined with pallet racks improve operations at Eralogistics

Storage for picking with walkways combined with pallet racks improve operations at Eralogistics

The logistics operator Eralogistics bolsters picking by using racks with walkways


Mecalux has equipped the Eralogistics warehouse, a logistics services operator, in the town of Borox (just 44 km from Madrid) with pallet racking and racking with walkways that comprise three floors where online orders are prepared. The company stores, manages and provides transport service for its customers throughout Spain.

Three-floor picking storage

The racks are 7 m high with walkways or raised aisles attached to them. Thus, the height of the warehouse is used to achieve greater storage capacity.

The warehouse is sectored in such a way that each level houses certain products. Each one is assigned a specific number of operators, which may vary depending on the demand and the number of orders to prepare.

A lift connects the three floors and moves the product carts from one level to another. On the bottom one, orders are validated, packaged, labelled and issued documentation before being distributed.


Pallet racking

These occupy most of the surface of the warehouse. It is an ideal 3PL system for storing pallets of different SKUs from all the various customers Eralogistics serves.

The racking stands out for their versatility and adaptability to any type of load, weight and volume variable.

Direct access is the key to facilitating and speeding up storage tasks, as well as providing fine-tuned stock control.


Advantages for Eralogistics

  • Efficient picking: the distribution of the goods, taking into account their characteristics and demand, streamlines the movements of operators and accelerates order picking.
  • Optimal load management: racks offer direct access to the goods, and can also classify products according to their size and turnover.

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