Lechtom’s frozen food warehouse in Poland

Lechtom’s frozen food warehouse in Poland

Combined system for frozen product storage


Lechtom’s distribution centre in Plewiska (Poland) features pallet racks and Movirack mobile pallet racking by Mecalux. The combination of both solutions means the customer now has a 4,407-pallet storage capacity and can sort items according to their dimensions, characteristics and rotation.

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About Lechtom

This company, which started doing business in 1994, is one of the main distributors of ice cream, frozen foods and gastronomic products in Poland. Lechtom has three national branches, around 160 employees and more than 50 delivery vehicles which guarantee the cargo is delivered in its refrigerated or frozen state. Since its beginnings, the company has focused its efforts to increase its national presence and expand its range of services. Accordingly, it has opened a new distribution centre of nearly 3,000 m2 in Plewiska, Poznań County, where it houses and distributes all its products.

The warehouse is split into two chambers. Mecalux pallet racks are the feature in one of them, where work is carried out at room temperature. The other, on the other hand, is a freezer store (run at -25 ºC) and fitted out with Movirack mobile pallet racking.

Pallet racks

These stand 6.5 m high, divided into five levels, and contain storage space for 576 pallets with a 1,000 kg maximum unit weight.

These racks are allocated to non-freezer bound food products, such as sugar, mayonnaise, jellies and jams, etc.

This storage system was selected based on its versatility and adaptability to any weight, volume and load type

This solution is especially appropriate for storing Lechtom's large number of pallets with many different SKUs.

Also, the racks enable direct access to all products, which brings more speed to managing goods and preparing orders. This feature also secures seamless stock control, as each location is designated to a single stock reference.

Movirack mobile pallet racking

The freezer chamber has six double Movirack mobile racks and two stationary 6.5 m high, 21.5 m long racks.

Altogether, the storage capacity amounts to 3,831 pallets, chiefly ice creams and frozen products.

As this is a high-density storage system, it cuts out the number of aisles. However, at the same time, it facilitates direct access to the SKUs once the working aisle opens.

The chosen storage solution is particularly suited to spreading chilled air between pallets and achieving energy savings, since there is maximum space usage by eliminating aisles between the racks.

The racks are placed on mobile bases that slide sideways over the rails autonomously when an operator gives the command via a remote control.

Advantages for Lechtom

  • Storage capacity: the twin systems make maximum use of the available surface area to provide capacity for 4,407 pallets.
  • Optimal management of the goods: direct access to the goods provides quick in-house response times during storage tasks and facilitates stock control.
  • Power savings: the Movirack mobile pallet rack system makes the most of the chamber’s volume and, as such, lowers the power consumption per stored pallet.
Lechtom’s distribution centre: Pallet racks
Storage capacity: 576 pallets
Pallet size: 800 x 1,200 mm
Max. pallet weight: 1,000 kg
Racking height: 6.5 m