The efficiently run frozen foods storage warehouse of Sabarot in France

The efficiently run frozen foods storage warehouse of Sabarot in France

Sabarot installs Movirack mobile racking to store frozen foods


The Sabarot frozen-storage chamber in Chaspuzac (France) has 9.5 m high Movirack mobile pallet racks by Mecalux. This solution leverages all available surface area to achieve higher storage capacity and reduces power consumption to chill the installation. In total, 1,816 pallets can be deposited here filled with finished products.

Sabarot’s freezer store

Founded in 1819, Sabarot is a French company dedicated to producing and selling a wide variety of foods such as legumes, seeds, mushrooms and cereals. Since 1996 it has also been selling canned escargots, becoming the sector's leading company in Europe.

The company owns a freezer store in Chaspuzac (France), which operates at a constant temperature of -20 ºC, where it keeps all its finished products waiting to be sent to customers.

Mecalux has equipped it with seven double-sided Movirack mobile pallet racks that are 9.5 m high and 26 m long. The most noteworthy feature about this system is that it makes maximum use of available space to achieve the highest storability possible (in this case, 1,816 pallets of 850 kg each), without losing direct access to each pallet.

The racks are placed on mobile bases that move both laterally and autonomously. As it is a compacting system, it reduces the number of working aisles. The operator only has to give the order using a radio control device to open the required aisle and extract or deposit the goods in their locations.

Romain Favre - Logistics Manager of Sabarot
“This solution has given us significant space optimisation compared to pallet racks. Furthermore, it is ideal for cold storage, where the savings on energy and, therefore, on power costs, is noteworthy.”

Advantages for Sabarot

  • Surface utilisation: the rack units optimise the available space, thus generating sufficient capacity to house all the goods produced by Sabarot.
  • Cost savings: the high-density system reduces power consumption thanks to the optimal distribution of cold between pallets.
  • Efficient service: the operations in the freezer store are very dynamic. Operators only need to send a command via a radio control device when opening an aisle, and to deposit or remove pallets.
Sabarot’s frozen-storage warehouse
Storage capacity: 1,816 pallets
Pallet size: 800 x 1,200 mm
Max. pallet weight: 850 kg
Racking height: 9.5 m
Racking length: 26 m

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