The home appliance logistics warehouse of Eldisser

The home appliance logistics warehouse of Eldisser

How to improve home appliance logistics with pallet racks


Mecalux has furbished the new Eldisser logistics centre in Paterna (Valencia) with a pallet rack system that holds more than 13,900 pallets, and also some picking shelves. The warehouse where the company houses its domestic appliances has an efficient picking method to supply its customers faster.

About Eldisser

More than 40 years of solid experience and close to 300 points-of-sale all over Spain attest to Eldisser’s position as a leading ‘white goods’ distributor nationwide.

Recently, the business held the grand opening of a new, 33,000 m2 logistics centre in the Táctica Business Park, in the city of Paterna (Valencia). This project, part of its medium-term growth strategy, has enabled it to triple the previously available storage capacity.

Meanwhile, the customer has taken the opportunity to restructure and extend its distribution network to deliver products to anywhere in Spain within 24 hours.


Eldisser’s needs

Eldisser works with an extensive variety of SKUs of different demands, sizes and weights. In addition to providing quick goods management, the company indicated it needed a system that would easily adapt to this multi-item diversity.

After analysing product features, general operations and the physical dimensions of the new Eldisser logistics centre, Mecalux supplied conventional pallet racks and light-duty shelving for picking that would noticeably enhance the company’s logistics flows.


Industrial pallet racking

The racks stand 8.5 m high, with either five or seven shelf levels. Picking takes place on lower levels, while reserve pallets are deposited on the upper levels, meaning the products are always available.

Direct access to pallets streamlines the management of goods and order preparation. Reach trucks are operated in the warehouse to insert and extract pallets from their locations, as well as ground level order pickers assigned to picking tasks.

An underpass was opened up through the centre of the block of racks that facilitates operator workflows. The level immediately above the passageway is protected by electro-welded mesh partitions, which prevent materials from falling accidentally.

Picking shelves

On one side of the warehouse, blocks of racks were installed for small-size box picking and collection of high-value products. These racks promote access to goods, which in turn accelerates order picking.

In-warehouse merchandise allocation takes product features and rotations into account, which has contributed to optimising operator movements and increasing cycle numbers.


Advantages for Eldisser

  • Appliance capacity: these pallet racks have a storage capacity for more than 13,900 pallets.
  • Accessible goods: direct access to the products is crucial to speeding up storage tasks and order picking.
  • Everything but the kitchen sink: pallets rack can house pallets of different sizes and volumes.
Eldisser logistics centre in Paterna
Storage capacity: 13,986 pallets
Pallet size: 800 x 1,200 mm
Max. pallet weight: 550 kg
Racking height: 8,5 m
Racking length: 67 m

Products used in this project