Live pallet racking with 141 storage channels to manage more than 1,000 tonnes of rice

Live pallet racking with 141 storage channels to manage more than 1,000 tonnes of rice

Dacsa chooses live pallet racking to achieve perfect turnover of its products


Dasca is internationally renowned as one of the most important food conglomerates which manufactures and supplies a wide range of corn and rice based products. They have entrusted Mecalux with the installation of live racking with rollers in their central warehouse in Valencia.

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Live racking as a storage system

After carefully analysing their needs, Mecalux chose to set up live racking with rollers in order to maximise space usage and achieve a perfect turnover of products thanks to the FIFO system (the first pallet into the channel is the first to be removed).

The Dacsa installation was arranged with 141 storage channels, 90 which are 10 m deep. The remaining 51 channels are 8 m deep, being able to store 8 and 6 pallets respectively in each channel. The fifth level is set up to store 800 x 600 mm sized pallets.

The live channels have a 4% incline, which facilitates the gravity flow of the pallets from the highest point (inputs) to the lowest (outputs). Travel speed is controlled by brake rollers that are positioned approximately every 1.20 m.

Each channel consists of several bays or whole frames where the rollers, brake rollers, centralisers, exit stops and pallet retainers are housed. The pressure exerted by the first pallet on the retainer lever sets off the flanges that retain the second pallet, facilitating the removal of the first.

This system serves to:

  • Classify SKUs in batches.
  • Assign a single SKU to each channel.

The side where the extractions or outputs of pallets are carried out coincides with the dispatch area. That way trucks can be loaded directly from the racking without the need for preloads.

The installation of an underpass is planned for the area between the racks, with six channels above, whose purpose is to facilitate the connection between the storage aisles and the work of the operators. Lastly, and as can be seen in the images, the first racking tier is hinged, which expedites the cleaning of the floor.

Advantages for Dacsa

  • Increased storage capacity: the Dacsa warehouse is enabled to store 1,026 pallets in a small space.
  • Perfect product turnover: live racking offers a perfect turnover of products thanks to the FIFO system (First-in, first-out), which is ideal for storing perishable goods.
  • Productivity boosted: the operators are capable of preparing orders much faster thanks to the design of the warehouse and the strategic positioning of the racks.
Installation of live racking with rollers in Valencia
Storage capacity:: 1,026 pallets
Maximum pallet weight:: 1,000 kg
Pallet sizes:: 800 x 1,200 x 1,400 mm / 800 x 600 x 1,400 mm
No. of channels:: 141
Channel depth:: 10 m / 8 m
Top level height:: 7.6 m
Warehouse height:: 8.5 m

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