Warehouse for DIY and gardening products of Leroy Merlin

Warehouse for DIY and gardening products of Leroy Merlin

Pallet Racks to store consumer DIY and gardening materials of Leroy Merlin

Leroy Merlin

The two new warehouses that Leroy Merlin has constructed in Torija (Spain) are composed of pallet racking from Mecalux. Overall, they offer a warehousing capacity that exceeds 21,600 pallets. As a system that stands out for its versatility to house different size and volume pallets, it also yields highly-agile storage work.

About Leroy Merlin

Founded in 1923, Leroy Merlin is a French multinational who specialises in DIY, home decor and gardening project materials. It opened its doors in 1989 in Spain, and has enjoyed steady growth ever since. Each year it opens more than two establishments in different regions of the country.

Recently, the company has reworked its business strategy and made plans to inaugurate new urban-based shops in the downtown of several major Spanish cities like Madrid and Barcelona. Likewise, it has promoted the online sale of products bought off its website.

The company had to build two new warehouses in the logistics centre that it owns and operates in Torija (close to Madrid) to undertake such ambitious projects. It needed to be equipped with a storage system able to house the massive variety of products and SKUs the company carries.

Pallet racking

With the characteristics of the goods in mind, the dimensions of both warehouses and Leroy Merlin’s business needs, Mecalux went ahead and supplied pallet racking. The racks are 10.5 m high, with either five or six shelving levels. One of its main advantages is the adaptability to any type of load, weight and volume variable. Different product types are slotted on the shelves: from large-sized pallets to foldable chairs. Plus, the direct access feature of the system streamlines the input and output of merchandise. Consumer products are located at the aisle ends, closest to the loading docks, and the lower demand ones at the rear. This layout optimises the movements of the personnel and handling equipment.

Operators work via zones and are assigned to a few working aisles. They use forklifts to insert and extract pallets from their corresponding locations.

Due to the large size of both warehouses, an underpass was opened that crosses the racks transversally and facilitates the operator’s movements, while also functioning as an emergency exit.

The levels above this passageway are fitted out with electro-welded mesh partitioning to prevent the accidental fall of materials.

Receptions and dispatches

Both warehouses possess a spacious reception and dispatch area. Inbound received pallets are set along one side, waiting to be inserted into their allocated storage locations.

In front of the docks, a preloads zone was enabled on the ground floor where consolidated goods accumulate. Pallets are grouped from the same order or route to streamline loading into distribution vehicles.

Advantages for Leroy Merlin

  • Unstoppable storage capacity: the two warehouses of Leroy Merlin offer storage capacity for more than 21,600 pallets.
  • System versatility: the pallet racks hold SKUs of different sizes and features.
  • Optimal goods management: direct access to products benefits storage and picking tasks.
Super-sized warehouses of Leroy Merlin
Storage capacity: 21,636 pallets
Pallet size: 800 x 1,200 mm
Max. pallet weight: 1,000 kg
Racking height: 10.5 m

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