Pallet racks in Poland with Prosperplast plastics

Pallet racks in Poland with Prosperplast plastics

Prosperplast's warehouse can handle 5,440 pallets with a wide variety of products


The plastic products company Prosperplast has once again entrusted Mecalux with fitting out its warehouse in Rybarzowice (Poland). The two companies have collaborated on numerous projects. In this case, double-deep pallet racks have been installed, offering a storage capacity for 5,440 pallets. With this solution, the company can deal with customer demand and enhance the growth rate achieved in recent years.

Modernidad y flexibilidad

Founded in 1993, Prosperplast is one of the leading companies in the plastic products industry in Poland. It offers a wide selection of home and garden items such as pots, watering cans or containers, as well as tools, DIY items and children's products.

Its quality and modern design have made Prosperplast popular practically worldwide, mainly in Europe, the United States, Australia and South Africa. So, the sale of its products has increased in recent years.

The company has made significant investments to cope with its business expansion. These include the construction of three production centres in Buczkowicach, Rybarzowice and Żywiec, as well as six warehouses in four Polish cities and logistics centres in Germany and Czechia.

Increased storage capacity

For many years now, Prosperplast has demonstrated its confidence in Mecalux when it comes to finding the best solution for its logistical needs. In fact, Prosperplast has always depended on Mecalux's collaboration to carry out its storage projects.

Mecalux has equipped all its warehouses in Poland, Germany and Czechia with pallet racks that have provided sufficient storage capacity to supply its customers all over the world.

Recently, the company has put its warehouse in Rybarzowice (Poland) into operation. Mecalux has set up double-depth pallet racks that occupy almost the entire available warehouse surface area. These stand 9 m high, 65 m long and divided into five levels. Overall, they contain storage capacity for 5,440 pallets with a 550 kg maximum unit weight.

This storage system features housing of two pallets of the same SKU in each location (one behind the other). To reach the second pallet in the locations, reach trucks need to have extendable forks.

This solution offers a better storage capacity than single-depth racking, without losing direct access to the pallets at the same time. In each aisle, operators can access all SKUs, which facilitates easier control of goods.

The racks are designed to store loads of different shapes, sizes and weights. This was essential for Prosperplast, since it has a very diverse catalogue, with very bulky pallets (pots, watering cans, etc.).

Advantages for Prosperplast

  • High storage capacity: the racks have a storage capacity for 5,440 pallets.
  • Efficient service: warehouse operations stand out because of their straightforward simplicity. With direct access to the goods, there is agility in managing pallets and preparing orders.
Warehouse of Prosperplast
Storage capacity: 5,440 pallets
Pallet sizes: 800 x 1,200 mm
Max. pallet weight: 550 kg
Racking height: 9 m
Racking length: 65 m

Products used in this project