Puccini: mezzanine floor with picking shelves

Puccini: mezzanine floor with picking shelves

Puccini has optimised its storage space, thanks to storage systems supplied by Mecalux


Travel luggage, handbag and leather goods manufacturer Puccini has doubled the capacity of its warehouse in Skarbimierzyce (Poland) with the installation of a mezzanine floor equipped with M7 heavy-duty shelving.

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About Puccini

Puccini is a Polish company founded in 1996 and initially dedicated to the distribution of leather products. Over time, it extended its product offering, incorporating suitcases and purses.

As a result, its brand recognition soared, leading to increased sales, albeit seasonal and primarily through the website. To cope with this expansion, in 2017, opened its new headquarters in Skarbimierzyce with offices and a logistics centre.

Needs and the solution

Puccini’s modern and complete logistics facility is designed in line with feng shui principles, harmoniously combining various areas within a single space: offices, design rooms, a photography studio, a showroom and the warehouse, outfitted by Mecalux.

Puccini’s installation in Skarbimierzyce is where the company’s products are stored before being distributed to multiple sales outlets in countries such as Germany, the Czech Republic, the UK, Poland, Switzerland and Ukraine.

Puccini Board Member Artur Rydzewski notes, “Our main logistics need, and what motivated us to revamp the warehouse, was to optimise our available space.”

This installation houses Puccini’s vast product range. Taking into account the limited space and type of goods to be stored, the company decided to instal a mezzanine floor that would double the useful storage area. To manage the goods, Mecalux fitted out the mezzanine floor with M7 heavy-duty shelving.

Artur Rydzewski highlights that Puccini chose Mecalux as a storage solutions supplier because “we were convinced by the commitment and professionalism that the technical sales consultant brought to our project. From there, we decided that Mecalux would be our trusted partner. The truth is, there were no issues during the product implementation phase, and we now have a top-quality product.”

Storage platform

The mezzanine floor installed occupies an area of approximately 3,300 m2. It covers nearly all of the available warehouse space, measuring 93.5 m long and 34.5 m wide.

Puccini stores large finished products on both levels. This is made possible by the robustness of the installation, which can withstand a maximum load of 250 kg per square metre. Moreover, the mezzanine floor has a non-slip surface, so operators can handle the goods safely.

In accordance with safety requirements, the mezzanine is fitted with handrails around all the parts of the upper floor perimeter that do not abut the walls. On that same level, Mecalux has installed two swing gates that enable operators to load and unload pallets with the help of a forklift.

The optimal project outcome and fulfilment of Puccini’s objectives have encouraged the company to continue its working relationship with Mecalux. In this vein, construction has already begun on another warehouse that will increase the storage area by almost 10,000 m2.

M7 heavy-duty shelving

The storage system chosen to manage Puccini’s goods consists of M7 heavy-duty shelving. The shelves are 2 m high and have 3 storage levels. On the lower level of the mezzanine floor, Mecalux has set up four rows of 33-metre-long shelving.

In total, Puccini is now equipped with 204 M7 shelves, each capable of accommodating up to 150 kg.

Advantages for Puccini

  • Space optimisation: Puccini’s new warehouse has doubled the firm’s storage area, thanks to the installation of a mezzanine floor.
  • Maximum safety: the mezzanine floor is equipped with all the necessary safety elements to ensure accident-free storage. Likewise, the warehouse has anti-slip flooring, which fosters operator movement and safety.
  • Adaptability to loads: the versatility and strength of the M7 heavy-duty shelving makes it possible to store different SKUs of varying weights and sizes.
Mezzanine floor
Surface area: 3,293 m²
Max. load weight: 250 kg / m²
Length: 93.7 m
Width: 34.3 m

Products used in this project