The Refresco soft drinks and juice container warehouse in Poland

The Refresco soft drinks and juice container warehouse in Poland

Refresco installs Movirack pallet racks to store soft drink and juice containers


Mecalux has installed Movirack mobile pallet racks in the warehouse that Refresco, a soft drink bottling company, owns in the city of Mogielnica (Poland). As a high-density storage system, it eliminates aisles. This is ideal for higher storage capacity and, at the same time, supplying production quickly.

About Refresco

Founded in Holland in 1999, Refresco is one of the largest soft drink and juice producers globally. It has numerous production centres both in Europe and North America. The company offers a wide variety of products manufactured according to its customers’ specifications and requirements: supermarkets, retailers and internationally recognised beverage brands.

Warehouse linked to production

Refresco has one of the largest production facilities in the country in the city of Mogielnica (Poland). Recently, it reorganised its warehouse’s distribution to increase its efficiency.

“In this warehouse, we deposit the containers we use later on in the production process,” explains Andrzej Zajączkowski, manager of the Refresco warehouse.

The company was looking for a solution that maximised the storage capacity and guaranteed the quick entry and exit of the goods. For this reason, the company approached Mecalux when it came to equipping the warehouse. The solution consists of ten 9-metre-high double racks on mobile bases and six 8.8-metre-high fixed racks.

It is a compacting storage system that makes the most of the available space for a bigger overall storage capacity. “Movirack mobile pallet racks allow us to store a large number of pallets with several SKUs in a limited space,” points out Andrzej Zajączkowski. All in all, 2,730 pallets with a 1,000 kg maximum unit weight can be stored.

The racks are placed on mobile bases that move both laterally and autonomously. The operator only has to give the order using a radio control device to open a working aisle and extract or deposit the goods in their locations.

Agility was also a priority for Refresco. When opening a working aisle, “the racks offer direct access to the pallets, which facilitates the management of the goods and, in short, the control over our stock,” states the warehouse manager.. In this way, operators can supply production with the required containers whenever needed.

Andrzej Zajączkowski - Warehouse Manager at Refresco
“Our collaboration with Mecalux was unbeatable. We chose this company because it is one of the leading companies in the global sector, its close working relationships with customers and its affordable price, compared to its competitors.”

Advantages for Refresco

  • Surface utilisation: mobile pallet racking optimises the maximum available space to provide greater storage capacity.
  • Agile operations: the direct access to the products from the shelves speeds up the work of the operators when they supply production
Warehouse of Refresco
Storage capacity: 2,730 pallets
Pallet sizes: 800 / 1,150 x 1,200 mm
Max. pallet weight: 1,000 kg
Racking height: 9 m

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