Transports Fuchs expands its distribution centre in Erstein (France)

Transports Fuchs expands its distribution centre in Erstein (France)

Mecalux has equipped both chambers at Transports Fuchs with pallet racking

Transports Fuchs

Transports Fuchs is a logistics operator in continuous expansion and, as a result, often has to expand its facilities. Along these lines, the company has built two new 6,000 m² chambers (totalling 12,000 m²) in its Erstein (France) warehouse, and Mecalux has equipped them with racking for 16,321 pallets. The firm manages the products of specific customers in each of them, resulting in more efficient and error-free service.

Transport and logistics

In 1958, Joseph Fuchs founded his freight transport company with only one lorry.His son Dany took over the business in 1995; since then, it has undergone a dizzying expansion: it now has more than 70 lorries and a total area of 67,000 m² dedicated to the storage of goods, both at ambient temperature and under controlled conditions.

The company provides storage and transport services to companies in different industrial sectors such as pharmaceutical, automotive, electronics, aerospace and food & beverage. “Logistics is becoming increasingly important for many companies, so, in recent years, the demand has expanded considerably and has even forced us to build a new head office,” explains Dany Fuchs, CEO of Transports Fuchs.

In 2012, the company moved to a 32,500 m² logistics platform located in Erstein (northern France), from where it supplies most of its customers throughout France. These facilities have been expanded on numerous occasions to accommodate a greater number of products.

In this respect, Transports Fuchs has just built two new chambers, each measuring 6,000 m². One of them stores goods from a chemical company (in big bags and IBC containers to store and transport liquids), while the other contains pallets from a medical and hospital products distributor.

The advantage of assigning a different space to each customer is that the management of the goods is much more efficient, preventing interference and mistakes.

Two chambers with pallet racks

Mecalux proposed installing 10-metre-high pallet racks because, in the words of the Transports Fuchs CEO, “they optimise storage capacity.” A total of 16,321 pallets weighing 900 kg each are placed in the two chambers.

This solution is ideal for Transports Fuchs, as it facilitates the management of a large number of pallets with many SKUs. The versatility of this type of racking allows it to adapt its locations to any type of variable load, weight and volume.

Direct access to the products provides a lot of agility when managing the goods. The operators, with the help of reach trucks, insert and remove the pallets from their slots very quickly. With the racks, the company has simplified the storage tasks and gained speed.

An underpass has also been opened, cutting across the racks and facilitating the flow of movements by the operators. The upper levels are fitted out with electro-welded mesh to prevent the accidental falling of materials.

Very active logistics

Transports Fuchs understands that it needs flexible processes adapted to the particular characteristics and demands of its customers. That is why the company is constantly evolving and has logistics facilities ready to be expanded at any time to accommodate a greater number of products.

The versatility of the pallet racking in its two new chambers makes it possible to store products that are heterogeneous in weight and volume. In addition, this solution speeds up the work of the operators.

Dany Fuchs - CEO of Transports Fuchs
“We are requesting Mecalux’s collaboration because of its knowledge and expertise in logistics. For us, it was essential to work with experienced professionals to ensure that we could better fulfil the needs of the customers. Our requirements were met.”

Advantages for Transports Fuchs

  • Optimal use of space: the pallet racks are 10 m high, taking up all the available space to achieve a storage capacity of 16,321 pallets.
  • Sectorisation is efficiency: each of the two chambers stores goods from different customers, which prevents interference and potential errors.
  • Versatile system: the racks are adapted to the dimensions, characteristics and demand levels of the goods.
Warehouse of Transports Fuchs
Storage capacity: 16,321 pallets
Pallet sizes: 800 x 1,200 mm
Max. pallet weight: 750 kg
Rack height: 10 m

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