Trigano Jardin: more than 1,000 outdoor  recreation products

Trigano Jardin: more than 1,000 outdoor recreation products

Swings, slides and other outdoor recreation items at Trigano Jardin's warehouse in France

Trigano Jardin

French company Trigano Jardin has opened a new distribution centre in the village of Cormenon (France) with racks served by the Pallet Shuttle system. This solution has provided the company with two advantages: optimal use of the surface area to achieve maximum storage capacity (up to 3,397 pallets), and constant, error-free inflows and outflows.

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Fun in the sun

The Trigano group has two business lines: the manufacture and marketing of, on the one hand, outdoor vehicles and accessories, and on the other, outdoor play products (swings, slides, etc.).

The firm owns manufacturing plants in six countries (Germany, Slovenia, Spain, France, Italy and the UK), and its extensive network of distributors delivers its merchandise wherever required.

Installation with Pallet Shuttle

In the village of Cormenon, France (about two hours from Paris), Trigano Jardin boasts a 9,000 m2 production centre dedicated to storing raw materials and finished goods.

Warehouse operations are very simple; they consist of supplying the factory with raw materials and receiving products to be delivered to customers in France.

At its facility, the company needed to “gain storage space and improve flow management,” says Bruno Barriteau, logistics manager at Trigano Jardin. Before, space in the centre was wasted because items were deposited on the floor, thus squandering the height of the installation.

Trigano Jardin’s business is very seasonal, as its merchandise is primarily sold in summer, with the arrival of good weather. During the peak season, the warehouse has to handle 200 incoming and 300 outgoing pallets per day.

Bearing in mind the firm’s requirements, Mecalux has equipped the installation with three high-density racking units assisted by the Pallet Shuttle system. These racks make full use of the entire warehouse volume to provide storage capacity for a total of 3,397 pallets.

Measuring 6 m high, the racks are serviced by an automatic shuttle tasked with moving goods to and from their locations.

This solution minimises manoeuvring times because operators do not enter the storage aisles to handle goods. They merely place the Pallet Shuttle in the corresponding channel and deposit pallets into the first racking position; the Pallet Shuttle then automatically moves them to the first free location inside the channel. To remove the goods, the same operation is performed but in the reverse order.

Operators use a WiFi-connected tablet to control the automated shuttles. This tablet has an extremely intuitive interface with which operators can choose the shuttle they are going to work with, select the strategy (goods entry or exit) and take inventory.

Bruno Barriteau - Logistics Manager at Trigano Jardin
“With the Pallet Shuttle system, we have gained in storage space. In addition, by incorporating a motorised shuttle, flow management is much more streamlined.”

Advantages for Trigano Jardin

  • Optimal use of surface area: the racks with Pallet Shuttle system provide a storage capacity of 3,397 pallets.
  • Agile operations: the Pallet Shuttle inserts and extracts the goods with full autonomy, ensuring the receipt of 200 pallets and the distribution of another 300 on a daily basis.
Distribution centre of Trigano Jardin
Storage capacity: 3,397 pallets
Pallet sizes: 800 x 1,200 mm
Max. pallet weight: 500 kg
No. of storage channels: 83
Rack height: 6 m
Channel depth: 14.5 m
No. of motorised shuttles: 4

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