Warehouse for the logistics operator Van Rooijen located in Belgium

Warehouse for the logistics operator Van Rooijen located in Belgium

The Van Rooijen warehouse can handle 32,500 pallets of consumer goods

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The logistics operator Van Rooijen has furnished its new warehouse in Turnhout (Belgium) with pallet racks from Mecalux that can hold a total of 32,500 pallets. Besides providing the optimal storage capacity to house all its customers' products, this system facilitates direct access to the merchandise, thus speeding up storage and order processing tasks.

The Van Rooijen warehouse in Belgium

Founded in 1947, Van Rooijen is a logistics operator specialised in consumer goods management and transport, mainly foods, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, electronics, among others. Altogether, it has 125,000 m2 designated to storage and order fulfilment.

It has a strong area of influence in the Benelux countries and its priority is being as close as possible to its customers to speed up the distribution and delivery of its products. Recently, it has opened a 25,500 m2 warehouse in the municipality of Turnhout (Belgium), principally dedicated to warehousing pharmaceutical and food products.

Mecalux has set up pallet racks that occupy almost the entire warehouse surface area. They are 12.5 m high, divided into seven levels, and extend the storage capacity to 32,500 pallets, the right slotting volume to cater for all the company’s customers.

This system is very flexible, which makes it highly suitable for storing scores of pallets with many different SKUs. One of its main advantages is its adaptability to any load, weight and volume variable. For example, Van Rooijen puts finished products, raw materials in big bags or crates.

Direct access to products. is one of the pallet racking’s biggest features. This means fast handling of the goods, which is indispensable for Van Rooijen. Each day 750 pallets arrive to this distribution centre, and operators must drop these off at their location at the earliest opportunity.

An underpass that cross-links the racks has been opened up to make storage operations more fluid and, simultaneously, as an additional safety measure. First level racking that runs above the safety underpass is lined with mesh, to prevent materials from dropping from above.

Iwan van de Geer - Technical Manager of Van Rooijen
“Having positive business connections is very important to us. So, Mecalux is a perfect partner since, besides the high-quality products it delivers us, Mecalux keeps its word.”

Advantages for Van Rooijen

  • Broad storage capacity: the racks make maximum use of the available space to provide storage capacity for 32,500 pallets.
  • Direct access is good access: direct access to slotted SKUs eases stock management and pick tasks.
Pallet racks store consumer goods
Storage capacity: 32,500 palets
Pallet size: 800 x 1,200 mm
Max. pallet weight: 775 kg
Racking height: 12.5 m

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