Storage of cleaning products, perfumes, cosmetics and diapers of Caromar

Storage of cleaning products, perfumes, cosmetics and diapers of Caromar

Two storage solutions for Argentine cleaning products wholesaler Caromar

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The wholesale company Caromar has inaugurated a distribution centre in La Tablada (Buenos Aires) with the intent to increase storage capacity and, simultaneously, provide quality service at the lowest possible cost. Mecalux has equipped it with pallet racks and drive-in racks, which provide capacity for 9,728 pallets.

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Household consumer goods

Founded in 1989 in Argentina, Caromar is a wholesaler specialised in cleaning products, perfumes, cosmetics and diapers. It has branches in Buenos Aires, Rosario, Mar de Plata and Neuquén where customers can come purchase what they need.

The company has a wide variety of products, up to 15,000 SKUs, including the most recognised brands in the market, as well as its own private label catalogue.

“Our country knows us as a leading wholesale company and we see major growth potential in our future,” explains Pablo Albertín, Caromar's logistics director. The company set out to improve its logistics, to have needed product in stock and ensure on-time order deliveries.

The first step has been to set up a 12,000 m2 warehouse in La Tablada (very near Buenos Aires) aiming to “increase storage capacity,” points out Albertín. The company laid the foundation for this change by asking for Mecalux’s expertise and collaboration since, as the logistics manager puts, “we know that Mecalux was more than able to move this project forward.”

Two storage systems

Mecalux has installed two storage systems in the same centre: pallet racks and compact drive-in racks. “The combination of two different solutions helps us organise the different product types and volumes we carry,” says Pablo Albertín.

Pallet racks
These measure up to 11 m high (with six or seven levels) and, overall, provide storage space for 5,852 pallets. They are perfect for handling a large number of pallets with variable characteristics, volumes and weights. “Which is why we deposit multiple SKUs in them,” adds Albertín.

“One of the advantages of gaining direct access to products is that we have streamlined our goods management, especially order fulfilment,” he says. On lower levels, good are picked directly off the pallets and reserve products are deposited on upper levels (meaning the required items are always available).

Operators crisscross the warehouse locating the SKUs for each order, as instructed by the warehouse management software (WMS) through radiofrequency devices.

Drive-in pallet racking
These racks stand 9 m tall, created by five storage lanes arranged one on top of another. “We've improved storage density,” notes the company's logistics manager.

The drive-in racks reduce the number of aisles to optimise space and, as a result, increase storage capacity: up to 3,876 pallets.

When managing the loads, operators use reach trucks to enter the storage lanes with the goods raised above the level where they are going to be set. Guide rails have been placed on the floor so the handling equipment can run safe and centred inside.

Pablo Albertín - Logistics Manager at Caromar
“This is our first experience working with Mecalux and we are more than satisfied with how it has all turned out. After renovating our warehouse, we have boosted our capacity and, thanks to this, we can continue growing as the opportunity presents itself.”

An organised warehouse

Being orderly is a top priority for a wholesaler like Caromar, with its diverse, broad-based product catalogue. Having each product slotted just right avoids errors and helps make sure order deliveries arrive on time.

Caromar has chosen to install two different storage solutions to sort products based on their characteristics and rotation. Thus, operators know zone by zone which part of the warehouse to go to when they are processing any order.

The distribution centre offers a large storage capacity — up to 9,728 pallets —, while also facilitating the operator’s work.

Product location mapping in the warehouse follows a logical circuit that considers what company’s logistics needs entail. All of this results in Caromar's main objective: to offer the best service to its customers.

Advantages for Caromar

  • High storage capacity: the installation of drive-in systems and pallet racks optimises the storage volume and provides room for 9,728 pallets.
  • Warehouse sorted: by combining two storage solutions, products are organised according to their characteristics and rotation rate.
  • Efficient picking: pallet racking facilitates orders put together directly off palletised goods housed in the lower level.
Distribution centre: Pallet racks
Storage capacity: 5,852 pallets
Pallet size: 1,000 x 1,200 mm
Max. pallet weight: 1,000 kg
Racking height: 11 m

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