Storage for GM Technology's digital printing equipment in Spain

Storage for GM Technology's digital printing equipment in Spain

The printing machine company has equipped its Seville warehouse with the Pallet Shuttle system

GM Technology

GM Technology, a leading company in digital printing devices, has expanded its business lines. For this reason, it has opened a new warehouse in the city of Dos Hermanas, just outside Seville, Spain. Mecalux has fitted it out with four high-density racking units with the Pallet Shuttle system, providing storage for 4,320 pallets in total. With this solution, the company has gained in both capacity and agility.

Leaders in printing equipment

GM Technology is a Spanish company with over 25 years of experience in the digital printing sector. It purchases devices from top European brands, remanufactures them and, ultimately, markets them in countries throughout the world.

The firm has agreements with the main manufactur ers of digital printing machines (Sindoh, Rex Rotary, Xerox, etc.) and holds an extensive stock of products that includes more than 12,000 pieces of equipment.

“We are currently increasing and consolidating the group’s different lines of business,” says José Ángel Muñoz, CEO of GM Technology. Therefore, for the purpose of incorporating a new line, the firm has recently opened a 2,600 m² warehouse in the city of Dos Hermanas (near Seville).

“We were adamant about the fact that we had to equip the installation with a storage solution that would adapt to our logistics needs,” adds Muñoz. The company manages all types of products — more than 200 SKUs — comprised of printing machines as well as several of their components and toners. The goods have different sizes and demand levels.

Agility was also a priority for GM Technology. The firm was looking for a solution that would ensure the quick entry and exit of goods to deliver pallets to its customers’ warehouses at the right time and on time.

Reduced logistics costs

Mecalux proposed installing the high-density Pallet Shuttle system for two reasons. On the one hand, it takes advantage of all available space to provide the highest possible storage capacity. On the other hand, the system achieves tremendous throughput by incorporating a shuttle that moves the pallets automatically. “We were not familiar with the system, but, after seeing the business proposal, we were convinced that it was the best option for us,” explains José Ángel Muñoz.

The warehouse consists of four high-density racking units with the Pallet Shuttle system. The 8-metre-high racks are divided into six levels and provide storage for a total of 4,320 pallets.

Of all the high-density storage systems, the Pallet Shuttle lends the most flexibility to goods flows. The automatic shuttle executes the movement of the goods inside the channels.

Operators place the Pallet Shuttle in the relevant channel and deposit the goods in the first position of the channel. The motorised shuttle then transfers them directly to the first free location it finds inside the channel.

Operators use a Wi-Fi-connected tablet to interact with the shuttles and send them the orders. These workers can also select the number of pallets to be extracted, take inventory and manage users and authorised personnel.

José Ángel Muñoz - CEO of GM Technology
“We are extremely satisfied with this installation because we have increased our storage capacity without losing flexibility in product inflows and outflows. Plus, the warehouse was erected on schedule, and we were able to start operations within a very short time.”

Benefits for GM Technology

  • Increased storage capacity: the racks maximise available space to provide storage for 4,320 pallets.
  • An agile, high-density system: the Pallet Shuttle facilitates the insertion and extraction of the 200 SKUs managed by this company.
Warehouse of GM Technology
Storage capacity: 4,320 pallets
Pallet sizes: 800 x 1,200 x 950 mm
Max. pallet weight: 500 kg
Rack height: 8 m
No. of automatic shuttles: 2

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