Filoform's warehouse for managing electrical cables in the Netherlands

Filoform's warehouse for managing electrical cables in the Netherlands

Filoform can manage up to 3,380 pallets on 8.5 m high pallet racks.


Filoform, a manufactorer of solutions to connect seal and protect utility cable systems, has equipped its new warehouse in the Netherlands with pallet racks from Mecalux. With this system, the company can house up to 3,380 pallets, as well as carry out storage and picking tasks quickly.

Sobre Filoform

Filoform is a company with more than 50 years of experience in manufacturing and supplying products and solutions to connect, seal and protect cables, fibre optics and utility networks. Its products are used in a multitude of industries such as power, telecommunications or construction, to ensure safe power supply.

The company just finished moving to its new headquarters in the Netherlands where it serves customers and can offer them the most innovative products on the market. These installations have been custom designed to fulfil the needs of the company.

“In our previous installation, we only had a single loading dock and a 1,230-pallet storage capacity,” , mentioned Laurens Bakx, product manager of Filoform. Now, the warehouse measures 1,550 m2, enjoys three loading docks and is equipped with pallet racking from Mecalux that provide storage capacity for 3,380 pallets.

Features of the pallet racks

The warehouse comprises four aisles with single-depth 8.5 m high racks on each side, with seven load levels.

The pallet racking system is ideal when it comes to storing all of Filoform’s products, made up of many different SKUs. Furthermore, these racks adapt to variable load weights and volumes. Mecalux pallet racks have significantly increased Filoform’s productivity. On a daily basis, it receives between 10 and 20 pallets and distributes another 10 to 35 pallets (mainly, to customers in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the UK).

The direct access to all the products provides high flexibility when managing goods and preparing orders. In addition, it guarantees perfect stock control, since each location is assigned to a single SKU. In the words of Laurens Bakx, “we have zones specifically to store each product type, which helps us avoid making mistakes.”

Picking is also done directly off the pallets on lower levels. Operators move around the warehouse collecting the SKUs directly off the pallet beds to prep between 14 and 25 orders a day. Upper levels hold reserve product, thus keeping goods ready and waiting.

Laurens Bakx - Product Manager of Filoform
“We are highly satisfied with this warehouse because we have expanded the capacity and received a larger number of loading and unloading docks. We are a traditional-type company. That said, we are slowly taking steps to make cutting-edge technology a part of our business. Our next aim is the deployment of a warehouse management system.”

Advantages for Filoform

  • Greater storage capacity: with this new warehouse, Filoform has gotten room to hold 3,380 pallets, which entails a considerable increase with respect to its previous warehouse.
  • Solid merchandise management: each location is allocated to a single SKU and, even, specific warehouse areas have been allocated to certain products.
  • Faster, better operations: the direct access that racks yield facilitates the input and output of the goods, as well as the picking of an average of 14 or 25 orders a day.
Warehouse of Filoform
Storage capacity: 3,380 pallets
Pallet size: 800 x 1,200 mm
Max. pallet weight: 650 kg
Racking height: 8.5 m

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