The decorative paints warehouse for Pinturas Isaval in Spain

The decorative paints warehouse for Pinturas Isaval in Spain

The new warehouse of Pinturas Isaval can store 4,000 pallets of decorative paints

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Mecalux has equipped the decor paint maker Pinturas Isaval’s warehouse in Riba-roja de Túria (Spain) with pallet racking and light-duty shelving. The company’s centre is designed with these objectives in mind: to achieve a big storage capacity for the variety of products it manufactures and sells, as well as quick order fulfilment.

About Pinturas Isaval

Pinturas Isaval (“Isaval Paints” in English) is a Spanish company specialised in decorative paint manufacturing. Since its foundation in 1968, it has set up the latest technologies in all its production processes to develop new high-quality solutions.

As a company, it has widened its product profile and constantly adapts to market changes. This has helped it to grow and expand internationally and is currently present in more than 16 countries.

Needs and the solution

Recently, Pinturas Isaval expanded its central warehouse, located next to its production centre in Riba-roja de Túria (only 20 km from Valencia). The aim was to deal with the increase in sales experienced in recent years and, at the same time, reinforce its hold in the sector.

Mecalux’s advice was a decisive factor in the customer’s search for a business needs solution. On the one hand, it required higher capacity, with goods classified according to both SKU reference and rotation. On the other hand, storage and order picking had to be streamlined to supply the various distribution points quickly.

Taking these conditions into account, Mecalux went ahead and installed pallet racks which, altogether, can store up to 4,000 pallets. The finished products, coming from the manufacturing centre, are deposited in them, ready to be shipped out.

It was also supplied light-duty shelves to house third-party manufactured tools and accessories, but which are likewise sold at various of its distribution points (brushes, trowels, spatulas, tape measures, etc.).

Light-duty shelving

The racks measure 8.5 m in height and where a variety of small SKUs are kept.

Panels can be modified to include more levels based on business needs, showing the versatility of the solution. Storage locations are item-adjusted in terms of size.

Direct access speeds up the management of goods, manual handling, and order preparation. Moreover, it guarantees tight control over the stock.

Pallet racks

Mecalux provided a grand total of nine double-depth pallet racks and three single-depth ones, all 9 m high.

This system adapts to any kind of unit load, regardless of its size.

The racks contain fittings and accessories that make it possible to place all the different SKUs with different volumes.

Work aisles are narrow—just 1.7 m wide—, on purpose, to max out the space of the warehouse for more capacity. They operate through VNA trucks (very narrow aisle) that insert and extract pallets from their corresponding locations.

Such machines only operate inside the aisles and, to expedite the work, they need additional operators to approach or remove the merchandise from the aisle ends.

High-reaching order picking machines are also used for pick tasks. The operator sits in a cabin that lifts alongside the load and, from there, collects the items for each order directly from the racks.

Floor-level guides are installed on both sides of the aisles, assisting the centred entry of forklifts and their totally safe circulation inside these passageways. In this way, it prevents possible accidental damage to rack structures.

One of the aisles is wider and the racks on both sides hold larger products such as carpeting, artificial grass, doormats, etc. This merchandise is handled by reach trucks.

Advantages for Pinturas Isaval

  • Solid goods management: direct access to products benefits storage and order picking work.
  • Streamlined pick fulfilment: the racking’s distribution and use of certain in-house equipment make for dynamic order picking.
  • Large capacity: the racks exploit the available space for a 4,000-pallet storage capacity.
Pinturas Isaval’s warehouse
Storage capacity: 4,000 pallets
Pallet size: 800 x 1,200 mm
Max. pallet weight: 1,200 kg
Racking height: 9 m
Racking length: 37 m

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