Incarlopsa and Mecalux: growth and automation


Spanish meat-processing company Incarlopsa has always incorporated cutting-edge technology in all its logistics processes in order to increase productivity and ensure the traceability of goods at low temperatures. Mecalux has contributed to Incarlopsa’s expansion over the years, installing automated solutions and implementing Easy WMS in several of the firm’s warehouses at its factories in Tarancón and Corral de Almaguer (Spain).

In the town of Tarancón, Incarlopsa boasts one of the most modern plants in Spain; this facility is updated and renovated on a regular basis. Mecalux has participated in numerous projects there: an automated warehouse for pallets at ambient temperature, an automated cold store, and an installation equipped with three high-density racking units with automatic shuttles that move inside the channels. Recently, a new, 26-metre-high automated clad-rack warehouse with four storage aisles has been put into operation. In total, the Tarancón factory manages more than 8,000 pallets.

Meanwhile, in the village of Corral de Almaguer, the company has a plant dedicated to curing ham. There, Mecalux has commissioned two automated cold stores: one for Incarlopsa’s frozen products and another for its refrigerated items. The overall capacity of both facilities is 6,560 boxes.

Victorino Carabantes González - General manager of engineering at Incarlopsa
“I would stress the safety and the control over the goods that we have obtained by automating our logistics. On the one hand, we have increased the safety of both our operators and our installations. Lapses in concentration cause accidents; in some cases, these can jeopardise workers’ safety, which, at Incarlopsa, is sacred. On the other hand, the control we now have enables us to know for certain what items we store, how many, and where they are located. Thanks to automation, the human error variable has completely disappeared from stock control.”

Incarlopsa and Mecalux: growth and automation

Spain’s first pork producer

Incarlopsa was founded in 1978 with the aim of producing quality pork products. The company’s main activity is centred around processing deli meats, cured ham, select Iberian sausages, and fresh charcuterie. The Mercadona supermarket chain distributes the firm’s goods exclusively to the entire Spanish market. In addition, Incarlopsa exports to Europe, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, the Philippines and China.