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Esnelat renforces its growth by collaborating with Mecalux


Esnelat (part of the Iparlat group) is a dairy company that was founded in 1953 from a cattle farmer co-op originating from the Basque and Navarro regions.

Since its inception, Mecalux has always worked side by side with the customer in all its expansion projects. The result: the construction of three automated warehouses. Automation of its installations guarantees maximum throughput and more than meets its logistical needs.

In 1994, the company established its first production facility in the town of Urnieta (Basque Country). Mecalux built a 1,500 m2 clad-rack warehouse with a capacity for 9,500 pallets. Later, in 2012, they built a second warehouse comprised of three double-depth aisles.

Currently, Esnelat has commissioned Mecalux to construct a new warehouse. With this expansion, the company will increase its storage capacity by more than 3,400 pallets and cope with the forecasted business growth.