Best Practices 26: automation and digitisation drive logistics

28 Sep 2022

Welcome to the new issue of Best Practices magazine, where you’ll find a broad range of specialised articles, interviews and case studies. In this issue, we present two new technology solutions that will boost companies’ logistics operations: autonomous mobile robots to speed up warehouse productivity and an advanced software program capable of managing up to 10 million items a day.

Software stands as an extremely effective solution for businesses to strictly control their processes. This issue’s article on predictive analytics explains how data analysis, artificial intelligence and machine learning can help companies adapt to changing environments.

“We’ll see a wide range of different technologies and different types of warehousing in the future, and not just one solution that fits all,” says Nils Boysen, Chair of Operations Management at Germany’s Friedrich Schiller University Jena. Ultimately, the best solution for companies is the one that matches their particular characteristics and logistics needs.

We travel to many countries to find out how businesses from several industries are implementing automated and digital solutions in their facilities to meet changing market challenges. In the UK, for example, British Sugar has relied on technology to supply about half the country's sugar demand. In France, canned foods producer Sabarot has automated its logistics processes to store up to 20,000 tonnes of finished product a year.

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