Motos Bordoy automates management of its shops in Barcelona

24 Apr 2019

Motos Bordoy has recently opened two new concept stores in Barcelona. Besides being a point-of-sale, it is a place where customers come to talk to Motos Bordoy’s brand specialists who work out which is the best customer-focused solution for each client.

Easy WMS of Mecalux in Motos Bordoy's warehouses in Barcelona


These two shops, in the very heart of Barcelona, are highly strategic for Motos Bordoy. For this reason, specialists need precise management of stock levels and, in the next few months, the company’s warehouses will be getting the Easy WMS by Mecalux set up in them. This warehouse management system (WMS), among other functions, will control stock in real-time (both products needed in the point-of-sale and for online order distribution) and will direct order picking tasks.

Motos Bordoy has already tried its hand at using the Mecalux WMS, since the software is also set up in the company’s Rubi warehouse.

Motorcycle crazy

Motos Bordoy opened in 1971 under the direction of Jaime Bordoy, a long-time professional motorcyclist in Spain, and which now is run by his sons Alberto and Jordi. A deep passion for motorcycles as a sport, fused with its knowledge and experience as a brand rep, have made Motos Bordoy into one of the sector’s top role models for both professional and aficionados.