Picking shelves in the online sales warehouse of Decathlon

17 Apr 2019

Decathlon continues to put its trust in Mecalux storage solutions. After equipping warehouses in countries like Italy, Poland, France or Germany, it was the UK’s turn. The picking shelves it chose offer speed and efficiency during order picking, to dispense product to brick-and-mortar shops and fulfil the online sale of its products.

Decathlon’s warehouse with picking shelves in the United Kingdom

Dedicated to the sale and distribution of sporting material, this recognised chain has increased the number of shops it runs in the United Kingdom, as well as the online sale of its products. Mecalux has supplied 1,939 metal shelving modules for the mezzanine the company owns in Northampton to deal with this growth. The 2.5 m high shelves are a perfect fit when storing multiple SKUs of variable rotation.

Zsolt Kabai - Relocation Project Manager
“Mecalux has supplied many our warehouses with shelving and racking. So, it was the obvious choice to ask for their help in this matter. They were very helpful, did a great job and manage to meet the opening’s deadline despite the short time window. To increase our efficiency, we are working with a very specific height of shelves. Because of the specific structure, our pickers can pick from five levels without any need for elevation. It has a massive impact, especially when we are talking about thousands of units”.

Online sales channel: a clear choice

Founded in 1976 in France, Decathlon is a reputable company which focuses on merchandising items for sports enthusiasts, from beginners to experienced athletes. Present in more than 35 countries with more than 2,000 points-of-sale, the chain opened its doors in the UK in 1999. Decathlon offers all types of products for practicing any sports discipline, from the most well-known brands to the more than twenty private labels the company manufactures.