Sqrups! prepares its facility to meet growth prospects

08 Aug 2022

The low-cost chain will optimise its logistics processes and rigorously monitor its stock with Easy WMS warehouse management software from Mecalux.

Easy WMS will boost the logistics operations of low-cost company Sqrups!

“We expect to triple our sales volume over the next three years, so we need to be prepared and to boost our warehouse productivity by 20% to 30%,” says Iñaki Espinosa, founder and CEO of Sqrups!, a retail chain that sells food and hygiene products at low prices.

The company will install Easy WMS from Mecalux to more accurately control its operations and products. “For our logistics processes, centred on goods with a short shelf life, any mistake could mean a huge loss. Digitising the facility with Easy WMS will allow us to eliminate errors,” says Espinosa.

The Mecalux software will track the items in real time, from the moment they arrive at the warehouse until they are dispatched. “Every month, we release over 500 new SKUs, which makes it difficult for operators to familiarise themselves with the products. With a tool like Easy WMS, we hope to make their work easier and to organise our products more quickly,” says Espinosa.

The operators identify the items merely by reading their barcodes with an RF scanner. Easy WMS then automatically assigns them a location according to the product’s type, SKU, best-by date and demand level.

Proper organisation of its goods will help Sqrups! to optimise operations such as storage and order picking. It will also better leverage the facility’s surface area.

About Sqrups!: best value for money

Founded in 2014, Sqrups! is a Spanish business specialising in low-cost products consisting of production leftovers, clearance items and manufacturing surpluses. The company has 50 shops throughout Spain, where customers can purchase merchandise at the lowest possible price. With its business model, the company prevents the waste of almost 8 million food products per year.