Two storage systems at the Laboratorios Zotal centre in Spain

20 Jun 2019

Laboratorios Zotal, a company that manufactures and distributes specialty pharmaceuticals and biocide products, will install racks with the Pallet Shuttle system and pallet racks from Mecalux in its Camas warehouse (Seville). The two solutions together will have storage capacity for 1,896 pallets.

Pallet Shuttle and pallet racks for Zotal Laboratories

Mecalux will equip the warehouse with two blocks of racks with the semi-automatic Pallet Shuttle system. One of them will stand four levels high and have 20-pallet deep channels. The other block, through three levels (because it will hold taller, 2 m high pallets) and 28-pallet deep channels. This system, ideal for handling many pallets per SKU and for providing high load/unload activities, will store 1,464 pallets.

Moreover, pallet racks will also be installed to store larger products, with fewer SKUs and which require direct access. This structure will be 7 m high and will have a capacity for 432 pallets.

Luis M. Romero Ávalos - Operations Manager of Laboratorios Zotal
“Mecalux offers a guarantee of quality in its storage solutions and peace of mind through its efficient after-sales services. We have chosen these two systems because of their fast loading and unloading operations and because they help us to optimise our warehouse space.”

Zotal Laboratories: the efficiency you need

Founded in 1909, Laboratorios Zotal manufactures and distributes specialty pharmaceuticals for veterinary use, pesticides for livestock, domestic and environmental use and the food industry, as well as animal hygiene, care and handling products.