Automated picking in manual mode: Provide support for operators during order preparation

To streamline stock management, reduce the number of errors and, ultimately, reduce logistics costs, there is a tendency to replace paper with IT or mechanical systems that allow the optimisation of order preparation operations.

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Manual picking allows picking many different references quickly and easily.

Easy WMS management software sequences single reference pallets in the right order.

The worker stats the picking process from a workstation.

The process is guided continuously by interactive visual indications.

The system uses stackability and quantity algorithms to ensure the pallet is stable.

A single worker can do several picking processes simultaneously.

There are safety systems to ensure that workers are protected and safe at all times.

Shuttles take away the pickings that are processed and take them to the packing area.

Goods are packed at a speed of over 70 pallets per hour.

Finally, pallets are labelled to then be dispatched.