Automated picking: Order preparation at its best

Order preparation is one of the most important operations in the warehouse, so optimising a facility by automating picking processes is always a good decision.

Video transcription

Single reference pallets are moved from the warehouse to the picking area.

Pallets accumulate in the central area, where the robot will manipulate them depending on the needs of the moment.

A screen indicates what mantles must be freed and then the worker cuts the protecting film.

The robot and the shuttle place the empty pallets in the picking position.

The anthropomorphic robot can do three picking processes simultaneously

The robot uses a combined suction and pressure system to ensure that mantles hold perfectly.

The robot can process 150 mantles per hour or, in other terms, over 1,000 boxes per hour.

Easy WMS management software allows stacking and sequencing loads to gain effectiveness, save time and minimize costs.

Thanks to the shuttle, it can also be combined with manual picking. Workers can prepare up to 15 orders at the same time.

Shuttles take away the pickings that are processed and take them to the packing area.

Goods are packed at a speed of over 70 pallets per hour.

Finally, pallets are labelled to then be dispatched.