Mecalux to centralise logistics at Nupik International

A new logistics centre installed in Polinyà has allowed Nupik International to centralise logistics operations, concentrating the activity of five warehouses into one fully-automated facility with an incredible capacity of 28,000 pallets.

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Nupik Internacional, a leading company in the manufacture of single-use tableware, has consolidated 5 of its warehouses in its headquarters in Polinyà, Barcelona.

A fully automated warehouse with an area of 8,000 m2, that can respond to the order peaks generated by seasonal demand.

The new automated warehouse designed by Mecalux is comprised of one building for storage, picking and shipment of orders.

Next to this there is a tall, Rack-clad warehouse enabling a total storage capacity of 28,000 pallets.

The processes of storage, reception and shipment are fully automated and optimised using the Easy WMS warehouse management software from Mecalux, enabling permanent inventory and full traceability of merchandise

Reception of merchandise to the store may be carried out automatically and manually.

A zone in the shipment area has been prepared for the manual reception of pallets from other production or handling centres.

A tunnel links the production lines to the warehouse through an automatic transport system that enables a continuous flow of pallets. This is a two-way system as it also allows goods to be carried to the production area.

A total of 6 lifts smoothly and effectively connect the different warehouse levels, the production warehouse and the shipping area.

Pallets are grouped on friction accumulation conveyors and automatically move to the identification and control point.

A scanner does the reading and the Easy Warehouse Management software selects their placement.

If necessary, the pallet is wrapped in order to prevent uncontrolled movement of the load.

The reception identification point measures, weighs and verifies the perfect status of each pallet.

Within the facility, pallets may have different destinations: the storage area, the picking area or directly to shipping.

The Nupik automated warehouse is serviced by double-bottom stacker cranes with Shuttle Car, using the most advanced technology.

In the double bottom storage area a total of 5 stacker cranes are installed that place pallets to be sent to the picking area with average turnover references.

Telescopik forks are able to place and pick up a load located at the second deep.

The entry and exit of material may be carried out in a single movement, enabling 229 combined cycles per hour.

The automated warehouse is also equipped with 3 stacker cranes with a shuttle car, enabling the storage of a large number of pallets by reference and also those that are issued complete. This storage system maximises available space.

The stacker cranes lift the merchandise while moving longitudinally at the same time, improving location and collection times.

The shuttle car moves the pallets from the entry point to the placement position that the Easy WMS management system has specified.

By using the shuttle car, the operating time of each manoeuvre is reduced and the LIFO system is applied, in which the last pallet in is the first out.

A corridor physically connects and integrates the different areas: production, picking platform and storage area.

In the picking preparation area automatic and manual orders are carried out and a total of 32 simultaneous orders is possible.

In the central area, the pallets that the robot handles accumulate according to the requirements of the subsequent orders.

The monitor indicates which layers must be released and the operator cuts the protective film.

Subsequently, the robot or the shuttle places the empty pallets on preparation points.

The anthropomorphic robot can prepare three orders simultaneously and is capable of handling up to 150 layers/hour or, in other words, more than 1,000 boxes/hour.

The Easy WMS management software optimises the stackability and sequencing of loads, thus increasing effectiveness, saving time and minimising costs.

Some orders are carried out semi-automatically, the robot begins its preparation and the shuttle moves the pallet to the operator in order for the operator to complete it.

Manual picking consists of 2 platforms with a total of 16 preparation posts that enable the handling of many different references quickly and easily.

This process is always guided by interactive visual indications.

The system is equipped with safety measures ensuring the protection and integrity of installation personnel.

The shuttles take the prepared orders and transfer them to the wrapping area.

Merchandise is wrapped at a rate of 70 pallets/hour.

Finally, the pallets are labelled and transferred to the shipping area using lifts.

Complete pallets that do not pass through the picking area are labelled in the shipping area.

All pallets arrive at this area and are then transported to a double shuttle, which places them into dynamic channels, enabling grouping and sequencing of the merchandise.

The Easy WMS management software groups the merchandise by route, vehicle, customer, delivery order or other characteristics.

This automated warehouse management system is a high-level technological solution, which enables Nupik to provide rapid service to its customers and to consolidate its international expansion.