Stacker crane with pallet transfer car: Automated compact pallet storage

Automated compact systems allow for the warehouse to be filled to the maximum, while still maintaining a high level of efficiency. There are different types of system that us pallet transfer cars or Pallet Shuttle, depending on the requirements for each project.

Video transcription

Shuttle car stackers are very efficient in high-volume warehouses with referenced Pallets

As this is a compact warehousing system, the use of available space is maximized

Easy WMS management software optimizes all reception and dispatch processes

Stacker cranes lift the goods and move them sideways improving the location and pick-up times.

The car shuttle moves pallets from the entry position to the position determined by the Easy WMS management software.

For the exit point, the management software uses extraction rules: stackability, batches and expiry dates.

It also uses the LIFO system: Last in, first out.

Pallets are always put in place at their widest side

The shuttle car is connected via a cable transmitting power and data

Using a shuttle car saves manoeuvre times in each operation.