Nocciole Marchisio doubles its capacity with two high-density storage systems

Nocciole Marchisio doubles its capacity with two high-density storage systems

Nocciole Marchisio, a benchmark hazelnut producer, installs mobile and push-back racking in its warehouse in Italy.

Nocciole Marchisio

Nocciole Marchisio, which specialises in shelling, roasting and processing several types of nuts, has installed mobile and push-back racking from Mecalux. With these high-density storage systems, the company has optimised the available space in its warehouse in Cortemilia, Italy.

About Nocciole Marchisio

Nocciole Marchisio is a family-run company based in Italy’s Piedmont region. It is a benchmark in the shelling, toasting and processing of hazelnuts of all varieties, almonds and pistachios.

  • Founded in: 1995
  • Production capacity: about 7,000 tonnes a year



  • Expand storage capacity.
  • Speed up goods loading and unloading operations.
  • Ensure food storage safety.


  • Movirack mobile racking.
  • Push-back racking.


  • Twice the storage capacity thanks to high-density storage systems.
  • Direct access to 540 pallets.
  • Improved safety in food management and storage and for warehouse operators.

Nocciole Marchisio has extensive experience in shelling and processing hazelnuts, almonds and pistachios. The company is known for the quality and taste of its products, which are mainly sold in the Italian market. In recent years, though, its volume of exports outside the European market has increased.

Nocciole has a modern production centre in Cortemilia, Italy. There, it cleans and dries the hazelnuts, almonds and pistachios it harvests in a sustainable, environmentally friendly way. The facility has an area for storing both finished product and raw material. But with rising production, it had to modernise to accommodate all its goods.

“We had one logistics need that took precedence over the rest: to maximise our storage space. We had very limited warehousing capacity because we weren’t using compact storage systems,” says Pier Giorgio Mollea, owner of Nocciole Marchisio.

Mecalux proposed a logistics solution combining Movirack mobile pallet racking and push-back racking. These two high-density systems leverage every last centimetre of available surface area.

Mollea says: “By combining two compact storage systems, we’ve benefited greatly from space optimisation. Plus, by better leveraging the space, we no longer have to outsource our logistics processes or transport goods between facilities. And this has resulted in major operational cost savings.”

Nocciole Marchisio warehouse

The company’s main storage system is Movirack mobile racking, which was installed on a surface area of just over 330 ft². With a height of 8 m and capacity for 540 pallets, Movirack mobile racking is the only type of high-density storage system that offers direct access to all the products stored.

How is this possible? The racks are mounted on mobile bases that move laterally on rails. By opening a working aisle, operators access the locations where they need to store or remove goods. This storage system is ideal for facilities requiring individual access to each product and that are looking to optimise their storage space.

Moreover, Movirack mobile racking meets all current safety regulations, incorporating devices that ensure incident-free operation:

  • Exterior barriers. Stop the racks from moving when an operator enters the aisle.
  • Interior barriers. Detect the presence of objects in the aisle that would prevent the system from operating properly.
  • Emergency buttons. Immediately stop the racks from moving in the event of an incident.
  • Proximity photocells. Ensure a smooth, safe stop.

In another part of the Nocciole Marchisio warehouse, Mecalux has installed push-back racking that can hold up to 54 pallets. This compact storage system provides great agility and high accessibility to the goods. Each channel houses three pallets of the same SKU, one behind the other. Thus, loads are managed according to the LIFO (last in, first out) method: when a pallet is inserted in the first position, it pushes the others toward the back of the lane. The pallets move easily by means of gravity.

Combining systems for efficient logistics processes

“We’re really pleased with the features of Mecalux’s mobile and push-back racking. They work perfectly and have allowed us to double our storage capacity," says Mollea.

Thanks to the combination of high-density storage systems, the Italian company now has an optimised facility, where goods are housed in the appropriate storage system according to their characteristics.

“Our business is constantly changing and growing,” says Mollea. In addition to doubling the storage capacity, the Mecalux systems installed will support Nocciole Marchisio as its sales increase, enabling it to continue providing all its customers with quality service.

We’re really pleased with the features of Mecalux’s mobile and push-back racking. They work perfectly and have allowed us to double our storage capacity.

Giorgio MolleaOwner, Nocciole Marchisio