Tosfrit stores more snacks

Tosfrit stores more snacks

The FIFO criterion ensures the rotation of goods of Tosfrit aperitivos

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Mecalux has equipped the distribution centre Tostados y Fritos (Tosfrit) owns in the town of Manzanares (Ciudad Real) with live pallet racking that can store 1,350 pallets. With this solution, the popular snacks company boosts the number of stored pallets to best use available space, while also achieving perfect product rotation.

What Tosfrit needed

Established in 1990, Tostados y Fritos (Tosfrit) is a Spanish company who sells crisps and other snack products. The last few years have brought substantial growth, with the company expanding its business into countries such as Portugal, France, the UK, the Netherlands, Finland and Morocco, among others.

Due to its rising potential, the enterprise needed a warehouse that would provide a suitable storage capacity and that, at the same time, would assure the flawless rotation of goods. Bearing these necessities in mind, Mecalux installed a block of live pallet racks.

Live racking

The 6.5 m high live racks create a storage block with 150 channels, all 11 m deep. In just 583 m2, this system provides storage of 1,350, 800 x 1,200 mm sized pallets that each weigh 200 kg.

As a high-density storage system, it maximises the available surface area, while also providing access to the unit loads. Racks are filled with slightly inclined channels, which facilitate precise, gravity driven pallet movements.

For this to work well, the operator uses a forklift to deposit the pallet at the highest point of the channel. The pallet glides smoothly, and at a controlled speed, to the opposite end. When the first stored pallet is removed, the second takes its place. Pallets are placed with their skids perpendicular to the rollers to aid pallet flows.

The management of goods is done via the FIFO criterion (first in, first out). The ‘first pallet to enter is the first to leave’ is a crucial prerequisite for warehouse fulfilment at Tosfrit.

Emergency aisle

An aisle is enabled as an emergency exit in the middle of the block of racks. The overhead portion of this passageway is covered with fall prevention mesh that stops pallets from falling.

Reception area and order preparation

A preloads zone is enabled in the same aisle where goods are extracted from, but on the opposite side, and includes space for manual order preparation.

Advantages for Tosfrit

  • Optimum storage capacity: in only 583 m2, Tosfrit stores 1,350 pallets.
  • Prime product rotation: the FIFO criterion (the first pallet to enter the channel is the first to leave) ensures the rotation of goods.
  • A fast, safe system: goods are inserted in a different aisle than they are extracted from, preventing interference and facilitating access to pallets.
Distribution centre Tosfrit
Storage capacity: 1,350 pallets
Pallet size: 800 x 1,200 mm
Max. pallet weight: 200 kg
Racking height: 6.5 m

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