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  • Panamaximization


    The Panama Canal opened in the summer of 1914, carving a link between two oceans and revolutionizing maritime travel. The new expansion project is 98% finished as of May 2016.

  • How to calculate the structure of a conventional pallet rack


    What forces must be pondered when designing metal pallet racks? How do we verify that the structure will be suitable to withstand all loads? These and other issues are those which should be taken into account in the design of this type of rack, with the goal of ensuring its stability and resistance, and therefore the overall security of the installations.

  • Advantages of a clad-rack warehouse


    This type of constructions are integrated buildings formed by the racks themselves, whose structure is coupled to both the roof and wall cladding. Clad-rack warehouses have achieved great importance in the last 30 years, mainly because of the need for space optimisation, and resulting in the construction of buildings that are taller than 45m.

  • Logistics software: the cloud is the future

    Logistics software: the cloud is the future


    Due to the continuous evolution of technology, our business landscape is changing at a high speed. One of the most important paradigm changes that has taken place in recent years has been caused by the software industry, with the creation of cloud-based applications. The logistics operations of companies have quickly adapted to this change, demanding that software applications be implemented which are increasingly compatible with the cloud.

  • Warehouse design and layout: 6 basic factors


    Warehouses are no longer merely places for storing products; they are now focused on providing service and support facilities to companies of all kinds. They must be properly designed, with a design project that compiles as much information as possible. We have compiled the 6 basic factors for the design and layout of a warehouse.

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