Consumer Electronics Industry Software Solutions

Consumer Electronics Industry Software Solutions

Precise stock visibility in real-time, with special attention paid to reverse logistics. Simplify processes with business intelligence software

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Complete warehouse control is a must in the highly complex electronics and technology sector

Get maximum control of both stock management and stored products, as well as all ongoing processes. The variety of products –a good deal of these with similar characteristics and packaging, but with different coding depending on the supplier that sends them– can complicate logistics processes.

On the other hand, the highly valuable stock means strict control is needed over all in-warehouse operations. Easy WMS offers clear-cut visibility of your inventory in real-time and manages replenishment processes, which will make for more efficient order picking overall.

Oversight and control of serial numbers will benefit reverse logistics, which is prevalent in this sector.

  • Serial number creation and management for orders and reverse logistics.
  • Rule-based replenishment manager.
  • Item identification based on different codes.
  • Quality manager for all stock.
  • Kit management.

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