Mecalux chosen by Airbus to equip its Hamburg warehouse


Mecalux has been chosen by Airbus, one of the world's leading aircraft manufacturers, to instal various storage systems to speed up flows, maximise capacity and optimise space in its warehouse in Hamburg, Germany’s largest port city.

Airbus warehouse in Hamburg for parts for aircraft production

Mecalux has provided Airbus with a comprehensive logistics solution consisting of a spiral conveyor system to automate box movements, live channels for pallets, cantilever racking, pallet racks and picking shelves.

The conveyors transport the goods automatically, reducing operator travel and streamlining movement flows. The conveyors for boxes will connect the various areas of the Airbus facility, while the live channels for pallets will move the pallets to the dispatch area.

The pallet racks are highly versatile and resistant to all types of loads. This, in addition to the mesh shelves placed on certain levels, will allow Airbus to store different types of pallets safely. M3 light duty shelving and M7 heavy duty shelving for picking provide a high degree of resistance and can store individual boxes and loose products. Lastly, the cantilever racking is used to house extra-long goods and those of varying lengths. As with pallet racks, mesh shelves were fitted to be able to accommodate practically any type of product.

In addition to enabling Airbus to organise extremely varied stock efficiently, these storage systems are noted for offering direct access to the goods, which is essential for accelerating order picking.

This complete solution from Mecalux, which includes both storage and transport systems, has helped to make Airbus’s logistics infrastructure more efficient and competitive. All systems were designed to ensure Airbus’s continued success as an international benchmark in the aerospace industry.