Airgrup’s new automated warehouse for boxes in Seville


Airgrup, a metal components company for the aeronautics sector, will install a miniload system with capacity for 3,852 boxes of 50 kg at its installations in Seville (Spain).

This warehouse will consist of a single aisle with two double-deep racks on each side. The racks will be 40 m long and 10 m high, divided into 17 levels. Along the aisle, a stacker crane will automatically manage the incoming and outgoing goods.

A picking station will be located directly in front of the racks. Order picking will fulfil the “product-to-person” order method, i.e. the operator can remain on standby until the products arrive from the warehouse in a fully automatic manner.

Airgrup's automated warehouse for boxes with capacity for 3,852 boxes

José Rafael García Viegas - Project manager
“We chose the Mecalux solution because of the company's extensive experience with this type of warehouse, its strong hands-on involvement in the project and highly-competitive bid. The main advantages achieved with this solution are optimum use of space, greater agility in logistics operations and the reduction of errors.”

About Airgrup

Airgrup is a Spanish aeronautical company that manufactures metal components for companies in the aeronautical sector such as Boeing, Airbus or Stelia. Its catalogue includes more than 8,000 different items. Since its inception, the company has been passionate about doing things right. Therefore, it has a highly motivated team and its main business pillars are approachability and upholding top-notch standards.