Copacol will inaugurate several new fully automated facilities in Brazil

25 Jun 2019

The cooperative Copacol will launch a new logistics installation in the Brazilian State of Paraná where it will deposit more than 18,000 pallets. The logistics centre will include a 36 m high automated clad-rack warehouse where it will store frozen products such as chicken and fish. It will have four aisles: three of them with double-deep racks on each side and the remaining one with single-deep racks.

A shorter, 15 m high automated warehouse will also be enabled for warehousing refrigerated products. It will consist of a single aisle with double-deep racks on each side.

Between the two warehouses, two order fulfilment areas will be set up: one for refrigerated products and another for frozen products. Both will contain live channels for ground floor-level picking, which are slightly inclined so that pallets flow via gravity from the highest to the lowest point. Four transfer cars will be tasked with supplying these channels with products.

Fernando João Antunes - Outbound Operations Manager
“This mix of solutions is highly beneficial for our company giving increased storage capacity, improved productivity, more efficiency and control in stock management and a reduction in logistics costs. So, we can easily satisfy internal and external customers with a higher standard of service.”

Two new automated warehouses for Copacol in Brazil

About Copacol

Founded in 1963 in Brazil, Copacol is a cooperative that produces 362.2 thousand tonnes of poultry per year. Besides whole chickens, it produces fresh, frozen, seasoned and processed products that meet customers’ needs. Its goods are not only sold in Brazil, but are also available in more than 50 countries.