Two freezer stores of Euroambrosías in Madrid with Movirack mobile pallet racks

05 Jun 2019

Mecalux will equip two storerooms at the new Euroambrosías facilities in Pinto (Madrid), one for freezing and the other for refrigeration, with Movirack mobile pallet racking. With this storage solution, the well-known company specialising in ready-made meals will be capable of managing 2,515 pallets.

Both installations will have 33 m long aisles and 10.6 m high racks. The major difference between the two will be that the frozen products chamber will run at a temperature of -20 ºC, while the refrigerated one will run at 2 ºC.

The two frozen-storage installations of Euroambrosías in Madrid

This system, in which racks are positioned on mobile bases that move sideways automatically, will eliminate the number of aisles to increase storage capacity and, thus, greatly reduce power consumption for generating chilled air.

Euroambrosías: recipes that preserve food's natural flavour

Euroambrosías offers solutions for the different catering sectors, as well as medium and large distribution. With more than 14 years of experience, the company prepares its recipes all free of artificial colourants or preservatives and with carefully selected raw materials in its modern facilities. It uses the most advanced technology along with traditional, handcrafted processes.