Fortwenger: tradition with the sweet taste of modernity


Gingerbread biscuit and sweet manufacturer Fortwenger is renovating its facility in Gertwiller, France, with the installation of Mecalux’s Easy WMS warehouse management system in its cloud mode. The company has once again chosen to rely on Mecalux to outfit this logistics centre with solutions that will help it to optimise its supply chain and bolster its future growth prospects.

Warehouse of gingerbread biscuit manufacturer Fortwenger in France

Up to now, this traditional business monitored its stock of 1,000 SKUs manually. Determined to boost its productivity, the firm has resolved to eliminate errors and obtain optimal traceability with the help of Easy WMS. This software oversees the traceability of the goods from the moment they arrive at the warehouse. Moreover, it organises all operations by sending precise instructions to workers on what to do with each product.

Easy WMS has been integrated with Fortwenger’s Sage 100c ERP system for the purpose of transferring data and information to raise productivity in all operations. Thus, for example, the ERP system informs Easy WMS of the orders to be processed so that the WMS can arrange for their immediate preparation and dispatch.

With the SaaS (Software as a Service) model, Fortwenger’s operators can access Easy WMS from any browser with an internet connection. One of the advantages of this solution is that the data are securely stored on external servers. Furthermore, the business always has the latest software update.

Storage systems

The cooperation between Fortwenger and Mecalux dates back to five years ago, when Mecalux equipped this sweet manufacturer’s warehouse with three different storage solutions:

  • Pallet racking. Most of the facility is made up of these types of racks, which provide storage capacity for 1,134 pallets. The racks stand out for their ability to adapt to any type of load, weight and volume, as well as for their direct access, which lends great agility to goods management and order picking.
  • Drive-in racks. Mecalux installed a unit of compact drive-in pallet racks comprising a set of lanes that can accommodate up to 12 pallets deep. This offers the company the advantage of being able to deposit up to 376 pallets with high-turnover products in a small space.
  • Mezzanine floor. The 3-metre-tall mezzanine floor has doubled the warehouse surface area. It consists of a safe, resistant platform that Fortwenger has allocated to mass pallet storage.

Ready for new projects

Thanks to these storage systems, the company now has a well-organised facility. With the implementation of Easy WMS, the firm will also be able to strictly control the traceability of its products and streamline operations. The improvement in picking times and optimisation of human resources in the Fortwenger warehouse will lower the company’s logistics costs. These results will ensure that Mecalux and the Easy WMS warehouse management system will continue to support Fortwenger in its new projects and future growth for many years to come.

With the installation of Easy WMS, we aim to improve traceability and optimise our warehouse. We also want to digitise operations that we used to carry out manually, such as the transfer of files to our customers.

Florent Schmitt, Assistant Manager at Fortwenger

Over 200 years of "savoir-faire"

Fortwenger is a French family business with over 250 years of tradition. Since it was founded in 1768, it has been manufacturing and selling all kinds of gingerbread sweets and cakes based on traditional recipes with a touch of innovation that delights young and old alike.