Moving to a new warehouse: challenges and solutions


Motorcycle helmet brand LS2 Helmets will relocate to a new warehouse in Terrassa, Spain, to increase its storage capacity and prepare a larger number of orders. To do this, Mecalux will instal pallet racks and implement its Easy WMS warehouse management system together with the Multi Carrier Shipping Software module, which will help to leverage its supply chain.

Easy WMS connected to the Sage 200c ERP system at the LS2 Helmets warehouse

The installation will be specifically designed to enhance order preparation. On the one hand, the lower levels of several of the racks will incorporate live channels to facilitate picking of the goods stored in boxes.

On the other hand, Easy WMS, connected to the company’s Sage 200c ERP system, will optimise order prep by sending precise and direct instructions to operators on where to locate each item. This will enable employees to travel the shortest possible distances in the warehouse. As a result, they will be much quicker when performing picking tasks.

LS2 Helmets is already familiar with Easy WMS’s features and advantages, as this software had been deployed in its former warehouse. For that reason, the company knew for certain that it wanted to continue using the system at its new facility. This time around, LS2 Helments has chosen to implement Easy WMS as an SaaS (software as a service) cloud-based solution. This means that the firm will be able to access Easy WMS from any internet-connected browser or device in order to organise the various operations.

Additionally, the motorcycle helmet brand aims to improve order dispatch and delivery, two operations that greatly impact customer satisfaction. For that purpose, it will implement Multi Carrier Shipping Software, which will connect the warehouse with the transport agencies that deliver the orders. This will streamline the distribution of goods while eliminating delivery delays.

Always at the head

LS2 Helmets is one of the most popular helmet brands among fans of speed on two wheels. The company, founded in China in 1990, began making helmets for other brands. In 2007, it decided to launch its own brand, which proved to be very successful. Today, it boasts an extensive catalogue of helmets that stand out for their high quality and comfort, their modern and attractive design and their excellent quality-price ratio.