Simón Coll to boost the traceability of its food logistics processes with Easy WMS

23 May 2023

The chocolate company will control the status of its products in real time and boost order picking with Mecalux’s Easy WMS warehouse management software.

Simón Coll will install Mecalux’s Easy WMS warehouse management software

“We’re currently going through a period of expansion. To cope with increasing demand for chocolates and satisfy our customers’ changing needs, we have to optimise our logistics processes and rigorously monitor our goods,” says Sara Milla, Logistics Manager at Simón Coll.

The company will install Mecalux’s Easy WMS warehouse management system to control the traceability of the stock, from its arrival at the facility through to its dispatch.

Simón Coll’s automated warehouse in Sadurní d’Anoia, Spain, stores materials subsequently sent to production as well as the finished products used to fill orders. “For us, it’s a must to maintain traceability of the merchandise and know its location at all times. With Easy WMS, we’ll be able to monitor goods entries and exits with high accuracy,” says Milla.

In digitalising its warehouse, the business has also set out to ramp up its productivity in one of the logistics centre's most demanding processes: order picking. To optimise this operation, Mecalux will upgrade the current facility, equipping it with a pick-to-light system. Connected to Easy WMS via LED lights, it will help operators complete orders quickly and without errors. The software will show them which locations to remove the goods from and in what quantities. “With the help of Easy WMS and the new pick-to-light devices, we expect to increase picking speed and minimise operator travel when locating products,” says Milla.

In addition to controlling stock and facilitating order processing, Easy WMS will intervene in other operations, such as replenishment. The software will ensure that the necessary merchandise is available at all times to guarantee order fulfilment. “We decided to install Easy WMS to optimise our logistics operations and streamline management in our logistics centre. The result will be a digital warehouse prepared to cope with future changes,” says Milla.

About Simón Coll: over 180 years of chocolate-making

Founded in 1840, Simón Coll is a renowned chocolate manufacturer that strives to offer delicious, high-quality chocolate. The company is known for its unwavering commitment to preserving the art of traditional chocolate-making. At the same time, it incorporates the latest technological advances in its manufacturing and logistics processes. Simón Coll has a wide range of products including chocolate bars and figurines, chocolates, nougats and chocolate gift baskets.